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How is University different from school/college?

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One of the biggest questions that must be haunting all you freshers would be: the difference between school and university life, and today, through this blog, I will try my best to answer your question, and thus, hopefully suppressing your fear and anxieties.

As you all know, school is a fairly restricted environment, where as university is a completely new phase of life where you are a free bird. You are away from home, your parents and so you have to naturally do everything yourself.

The second main difference is that in school your progress is monitored thoroughly through regular assignments and tests which are given by your teachers to ensure that you don’t miss a beat and stay right on track. In University, however, although you do get coursework, its erratic. To explain in simpler words, you need to ensure you self study and are in touch with your subject. You need to quiz yourself in regular intervals and make sure your notes are in order, so that you are well prepared for the summer exam, and are not scrambling through your lecture notes last minute.

Another obvious difference is that in school, you had classes with about twenty to thirty students, while at university, only seminars (are limited to that number which your lectures can range from anything between fifty to five hundred students. Being able to understand and comprehend in such a big lecture hall can be a bit daunting at first, but you eventually get used to it. To fully take advantage of lectures, you need to come prepared with a laptop to take notes, or if you think, handwritten notes suit you best, then you should carry with you a register, or if you are unsure in the beginning, then feel free to carry both. Do not freak out when lecturers talk too fast, and you are unable to keep pace, because most lectures are recorded on a platform called “lecturecapture” and are easily accessible. As long as you are fully focused, and give your all ears to the lecturer (at least try to) you will be good.

As far as friends go, friends in university are very different from friends in school. In school you had your own clique and they were your go to people, your family, who knew everything about you. In university, it does take time to find your clique; some confide in their flat mates, some in people they run into in events and/or societies, but eventually they do fit in and serve the same purpose in life, as your school friends. Moreover, in university, you have different sets of friends from different places, some from societies, some you just meet at a club on a night out, some you just bump into at the gym, some through other friends, some from your course and some from your accommodations. You should thus make every effort to be open and talk to people because you never know who you will bump into when.

So, these are the main differences I could think of between university and school, and I hope they served useful to you and gave you an insight into university life.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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