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How I will spend the rest of my holiday  

1.     My main priority for the Christmas holidays is to look after myself. I have – like most people – had an excruciatingly long and stressful term. When I was not studying, I was working, volunteering or seeing my friends. My schedule was so crammed pack with things to do, that the stress started to spill over into my sleep. I went from getting a good eight, nine hours of sleep, to seven at most. I was waking up several times during the night; having panic attacks during the night and taking ages to sleep. I was not looking after myself well. Therefore, I have decided to listen to my body and get some well-deserved rest.

2.      Dissertation work. I cannot for the life of me leave work to the last minute. I struggle with anxiety and I constantly spend time thinking ‘what if?’ What if I break my arm and I am unable to write or type for my assignment? What if something else comes up and I cannot finish my assignment and I fail? What if I fail university and will be unable to get a job and feed my future children? Instead of paralyzing me, my anxiety pushes me to do everything as soon as I can and plan every small detail of life. Therefore, I am going to start writing my first dissertation draft and continue collecting data throughout my holiday. Alongside this, I am going to work on collecting more data for my dissertation so that when I start back at University, I can analyze the data.

3.     Preparing for my second term of University. My first term of the third year was filled with a lot of anxiety. I had panic attacks most days and struggled with sleeping. Fortunately, I was receiving therapy and mental health mentoring. However, I was so stressed out that I was unable to work on my mental health. Part of my therapy and mentoring involved practicing mindfulness activities and incorporating it into my everyday life. Therefore, during my holiday, whilst I am calm, I am going to start practicing methods to keep myself sane for my second term of University. 



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