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How I tackled my first assignment this year

So I thought I’d share how I’ve managed to submit my first assignment in Year 3 on time, when in the past I have always been rushed to submit it in Year 1 and Year 2. 

The assignment was actually set roughly 3 weeks ago and because I was generally really busy with..erm..attending lectures?, I didn’t really find the time to sit down and get this done. However, every week I made sure I did some productive work on it (providing I spent 5 hours a week on the assignment and rest of my free time procrastinating). 

When it came to the last weekend, the pressure started to kick in as I by then only had a week left for the whole assignment to be completed. I made sure to get extremely familiar with the questions asked and approached my course mates and met up with some of them for longer discussions on getting a plausible answer for the questions set. 

I also made sure to make use of extra resources such as review articles I found online on the specfiic topic. This allowed me to have a better understanding of the concepts. Once I had a pretty good idea of what I had to get down on paper, I made sure to approach the relevant lecturer and discuss my thoughts with him. I understand that he’s not going to hand over the answers to me, however the discussion allowed me to gather whether I was along the right lines or if I went completely off the tangent when it came to the questions set. This meant that I could answer the questions much more confidently and I am extremely glad that I went and spoke to him now. Not only did this allow me to make an informed decision about the assignment, but it also allowed me to ellaborate and undertake further research in the areas needed. 

With the weekend now being nearly over with me having spent half the time on this assignment, I can now go back to watching Netflix without feeling any guilt. 

I hope that people are able to take some of these strategies forward when it comes to their own assignments. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! 

Shaumica =D 

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