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How I plan to spend my Easter

Manya Kalia | International Management Contact Manya

Hey Everyone,

Two weeks of Easter have already passed by. Time is flying. The campus is as dead as it was two weeks ago, signaling signs of most students residing home. The piazza sees signs of a few older students and an odd few internationals when the sun comes out.

This is the first Easter I haven’t gone back home to India and it feels weird because it’s the longest time I’ve been away from home ever since I started university. I decided to stay back to not only get some work done but also because I was committed to attending the Enactus Warwick National Competition. Home is such a distraction, and I know that if I went home I wouldn’t be able to be productive—I wouldn’t be able to escape meeting friends, family and relatives, and the pleasant weather of Delhi, of course.

Apart from exam revision, second year business students: international business, management, accounting and finance and international management, have an essay due end of the Easter break, which everyone should be working on during the course of the break, hopefully haha. It is a 2000 word essay for our module, Global Integrative Project, which was partially assessed by a group project earlier on in the year.

After having gotten through the regional Enactus competition, we now have to present our three best social enterprise projects to a group of judges, at the Nationals, while running against all other UK Universities. Thus, I, along with a few members of our team are going to be representing the University of Warwick and are going to be attending the in London on the 10of April. Although the focus will be to present our project and proceed to the global stage of the competition, we will also have the opportunity to network with likeminded students from other UK universities, along with social entrepreneurs, banks and companies from across the globe, as well as participate in team building activities and other showcases. I know the days leading up to the nationals will definitely be stressful and I will have to balance my time well, not neglecting my coursework, but I am surely looking forward to it, having heard only positive things from fellow students.

In addition, I have also signed up to volunteer with Positive Youth Foundation, a voluntary organization impacting people’s lives through working with them by providing a mixture of workshops and activitiesin Coventry, for a few days where I will be delivering art and creative workshops to young children.

That’s about it. That’s how I am going to be spending my Easter in my home away from home. How about you? What are your plans? Do tell me in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a lovely day x

Manya Kalia | International Management Contact Manya

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