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How I got into the university?

The academic year is officially over and most of the students have already started their internships while others are sunbathing at the beaches or spending time with their families.

The foundation year was one of the most difficult academic years for the IFP students due to the several reasons: new country, foreign language, lots of assignments, new educational system, completely new subjects, independent life, the university in general.

As for me, the foundation programme at Warwick was extremely tough, in comparison to my school years. On the other hand, I have learned so much new! This year was such a great experience for me, particularly life in the on-campus accommodation with other students, British educational system, lessons taught in English, Economics module and so-so many other things. And, more importantly, International Foundation Programme at Warwick led me to the dream degree!!! I am so happy that I have chosen a foundation course as a pathway to a university bachelor degree. The thing is that Belarusian school system consists of eleven years, which are not enough to begin an undergraduate course in the UK. So I had two options: IB / A-levels (and similar) of a foundation course. Firstly, a foundation programme usually lasts for one year, while IB / A-levels, for instance, last for two years. Therefore, a foundation course costs less than A-levels and I spent only one year instead of two to move to the first undergraduate year. I should say that these two factors are quite valuable benefits of the Foundation. However, this decision was quite risky. After A-levels, for example, you can have a foundation year to improve your grades and get into a better university, while after a foundation course, you can’t do A-levels or repeat a foundation year (in most cases) due to the fact that A-levels are a part of the school programme, while the Foundation is the stage after school (but before the university or college), and due to some visa issues (for non-EU students). Despite some risky sides of my decision, I was working hard during the whole year because I knew that it’s the only chance!

On June 29, every student had a meeting with his/her Personal Tutor to get final results and discuss further steps (eg. Clearing stage if needed etc.). However, those who have left before the results day got their results online a week after, and it was a bit more complicated to discuss everything with the tutor online than one-to-one. So I do recommend to wait for your result and collect them personally in order to have an opportunity to arrange additional meetings (if the results are not high enough, for example) to know what to do next. Moreover, it’s quite stressful to wait for your results from home when all your friends know the results already and you don’t.

They day before, on June 28, we had a Prizegiving event in the Panorama Room in Rootes building (the largest room, used for the exams, as well). We had a three-meal dinner (but I should have eaten before, because the meal wasn’t enough for me after a long way by train from Scotland in the first part of the day). Outstanding students got their presents for good grades, excellent performance and great amount of work done. I go my Warwick bear, as well 🙂

Foundation Course at Warwick is a great way to feel the life in the university, make friends even before you start your degree at Warwick (or somewhere else), get used to be taught in English, improve your academic skills and become a perfect student to begin a Bachelor degree in general!

Have a great summer, rest well and be ready for the next academic year!

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