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How I got a Grad Job+ My Assessment Centre/ Group/ Phone Interviews Experience

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

The process of getting a graduate job was rather complicated and tangled for me. As some of you may know, last year I intended on getting an industrial placement year in order to get some full-on experience before graduating. However, that was a goal I did not manage to complete and what I learned from it was to never give up no matter how painful, stressful, and challenging a situation is, to always come up with a solution, a backup plan. As I did not have a contingency plan at the time, I decided I would return to Romania and look for a summer internship in Bucharest, which is something I did manage to accomplish and ended up being the highlight of my summer, alongside many other beautiful memories I created with new friends and mentors. Worth mentioning is the fact that last year I was applying for HR placements without having no background, intention or inclination of working in human resources. What I suggest you do before applying to any specific placement/ job opportunity is to take into account your degree, your extracurricular activities, your passions and how all of them come together so that you make a good fit for the company and for the role.

Your degree does not limit you to one field which you can be employed in. In high school I studied Philology, I’m now studying Linguistics, have worked as a Lead Generation(Sales) intern and will be working in Business Development at an Events and Networking company. What I am trying to say is that no matter how important your degree is, you need to learn how to encompass the skills you have been honing whilst studying into your future career. What has helped me immensely this last couple of months was the constant support and advice that I got from my family, friends, course mates, lecturers, as well as attending the WBS Insight series on a regular basis. During our last Dissertation meetings, the director of our department, who also happens to be my personal tutor invited a PhD student and a fellow-final year BA student to give us insights about numerical, logical and verbal reasoning tests, assessment centres, group interviews, phone interviews, Skype interviews, as well as copies of their CVs, cover letters and interview tips in general. Moreover, the WBS insight series, organised by my marketing lecturer Dr. Laura Chamberlain, was an amazing opportunity to hear inspiring guest speakers who have dedicated their time outside of work toward giving us advice, suggestions, ideas about our future careers, that might be similar to their current roles and goals. I think both uni initiatives have helped me in terms of linking my passions, degree, work experience and extracurricular activities to the graduate job that I was offered. Business development is the activity of pursuing strategic opportunities for a particular business, by cultivating partnerships or other commercial relationships or identifying new markets for its/ products or services. My summer internship at the IT/marketing company has induced my passion for marketing (related to strategy; obtaining revenue on strategic opportunities), while the relational aspect, trust and rapport building, effective intercultural business communication facets were definitely concepts I studied about during my course at Warwick. I am an organised, agile, competitive person that thrives in fast-paced, innovative environment. I cannot wait for my journey with KNect365 to start so I can continue my development in an enthusiastic, assertive, tenacious and resilient team, coached by the best mentors.

Good luck to all of you who are still looking for graduate job/ placements! Congratulations to all of you who already have secured their summer/ year-long contracts!

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Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

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