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How I found a house…One student experience

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So it’s getting to that time of year, it seems, where all the current students (especially first years) are deciding where they’re planning on living next year. Luckily for me, I have found a set of flatmates and a house already, but there is no huge rush for those who haven’t! From what I’ve been told, there are many opportunities to find somewhere up until the start of term.

For those not familiar with the housing at Warwick, during your first year there is a high chance you will live on campus if you apply – but that is for a post closer to the time of fresher accommodation applications!

In second year onwards, most people choose to live off campus. Leamington Spa, Canley and Earlsdon are the most common places chosen, with the widest variety, but there are options in Kenilworth, Tile Hill and other local areas. It all depends on what you and your flatmates want (I may post more about the accommodation areas later!). I thought I’d just share a little bit of my own experience with housing.

For me, deciding on where to live next year was a simple choice. I originally come from close to the uni, so had a good idea of what was available already. Canley was the first option really – not wanting to rely on buses to get to uni and back, and wanting to stay close, it seemed the most logical option. Luckily, the friends who I will be living with next year agreed, and we settled on looking around.

We then had the option of choosing between Warwick-managed accommodation (WA) or looking privately. Each student has their own views on whether or not they prefer private or WA, but we originally decided that warwick accommodation was the way forward. Despite looking, however, we never found the sort of property we were looking for – it was either too far, post-grad only, or just wasn’t on the website at all. With the goal to choose somewhere before Christmas, we looked around on other websites and shortlisted a few we liked. Sending various people out of the six of us to look at them, we eventually decided upon a house that seemed to meet everyone’s criteria. We put in an application just before term broke up, and two months down the line we have made plans for next year!

One massive help here was the Warwick Accommodation day held last term for students. It was an informative day with resources on both WA and private accommodation providers, so we didn’t feel like we were purposefully left out of certain information loops.

Overall, this is just my experience of acommodation applications for next year – for those who are looking, I hope you find your house! See you next time,


Meredith Whiting | Global Sustainable Development and Sociology Contact Meredith

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