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How I Felt This Time Around Last Year- Pre Freshers Part 1

Anxious and Tense. Exciting was somewhere down the list. Depressed, the day I left my home for University. The way to University was not that standard 2 hour train journey for me. It was a 7 hour flight. So here I will explain how dramatic my pre fresher’s and arrival to Warwick was.

Receiving an offer from Warwick on 27 March, 2015, I was not sure until 14 August, 2015 whether the next destination of my life was University of Warwick. In August 2015, my sister was getting married and everyday there was a new family event. On the eve of 14 August, 2015, we had another family event. I was just enjoying with my cousins when suddenly my mother rushed me to one of our relatives and she asked why are you even giving a second thought about joining Warwick. To be fair, my thought process was that I hadn’t realized the value of Warwick Business School before getting there. I just applied seeing the rankings. My relative that night knocked a nail in my head that I shouldn’t be wasting an offer from Warwick. This was the day I decided after consulting my family that I was going to Warwick.

Wait! It wasn’t as easy, next step was not to pack my bags and catch a flight. As I am an International Student, I had to go through the cumbersome process of getting a Tier 4 visa to study at Warwick. 27 August, I got my CAS letter from Warwick and then applied for the Visa mid-September. The standard process was that it took about 14 working days to process the visa. We also had some public holidays in between. I was just hoping I get my visa in hand before the Term starts on 5 October, 2015. This is where the anxiousness and tension grew. I had applied for the visa and was just hoping for a miracle that it comes early. It didn’t and 5 October passed. This meant I had definitely missed the start of the term.

Finally, on Tuesday, 6 October, I got a call that my passport was ready to be collected. I went to collect it and saw the ‘Entry Clearance to UK’ stamped. Such a relief! I informed my family immediately. Now I was sure I was going to UK. The realization suddenly kicked in that I was actually moving somewhere far. On Tuesday, I decided to book a flight for Saturday. This meant I just had three days at home before I left. As I said the feeling of excited was still somewhere down the list. I had to pack all my stuff, meet everyone and leave for UK. Three days were certainly not enough as I did later regret not having the time to meet some people.

The night of 9 October arrived and this was my last day at home. I had my flight in a few hours. Quite surprisingly, it was a very sad night for me. This was nothing related to Warwick, this was more personal. Due to the dynamics of my family at that time, I felt sad about leaving them alone. However, let’s move on and keep the blog merry. On the airport, I realized I was 8kg above my baggage allowance but I sorted it out somehow. (Advice: Being courteous with the check in staff always helps). The journey to Warwick started here. Stay tuned, in my next blog, I will continue this story till I reached my room on-campus.

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