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How I ended up in court…again

An envelope slipped through the letterbox and plopped onto the floor.  In bold print on pink paper I could see the word SUMMONS in capital letters.  I ripped open the envelope, desperately scratching my brain to figure out what crime I had committed that resulted in me being summoned to court.   I know my Happy can be too loud sometimes and my singing in the car can be overwhelming and off-key, but surely those are not criminal offences.

Turns out it was a JURY SUMMONS.  I was called to do my public duty: jury service.  Anyone on the electoral register can be called at any time, but it had never crossed my mind that it would ever happen to me.  It is apparently done by random selection, which hopefully explains the glut of middle aged white male jurors, rather than the fact fewer women or BAME residents are registered to vote.  

Anyhoo, life threw me a curveball and it sent me spinning. 

In the following blog posts, I want to share my unusual journey in case it ever happens to you (especially during term time at uni) and you can hopefully be more prepared, able to take it in your stride and embrace the experience with confidence and clarity. 

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