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How I Am Spending the Last Bit of My Summer

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We are officially in September… aka the last month of our (very long) summer holidays. Our minds begin to daydream about nightmare assignments or having to wake up early to make it to your seminar in time. However, if you are like me then it is also the point that you become bored of your tedious vacation.

Although I am using up these last few weeks to work and soak up some savings before heading back, there are also many moments of “What do I do now?” Particularly as my home friends begin going to their universities as Warwick starts a bit later than other universities. Here is how I am spending the last bit of my summer!

  1. Reading!

At the start of summer, I promised myself that I would finally make time for reading. As a self-proclaimed bookworm, it pains me that I don’t make much time for reading these days especially during the academic year. I love reading as it empowers my imagination and truly enables me to escape my thoughts and the (sometimes) dreadful real world. However, as I am sure it is the case with many of us, I tell myself that “I do not have time” but miraculously, my screen time remains very high – especially for TikTok! And so, I made myself a book list of books to get through in this last fortnight. It is a combination of new reads and books that have been collecting dust on my bookshelf and I have been meaning to read for what feels like an eternity. It is perhaps a little ambitious with seven books but who knows?! I may devour one or two, I am sure. Also, it will hopefully give me motivation to continue on reading during the term instead of endlessly scrolling on my For You Page.

2. Applications!

With the new academic year rolling round, there is often a lot of job and volunteering opportunities at bay. From department ambassadors to working in campus retail, there is a lot to grab! Subsequently, I have been ensuring to always keep my eyes peeled on opportunities I would like to apply to. It also allows me to get back into the swing of organisation especially with the likes of editing your CV and responding to emails! Not only that but it gives you something to look forward to!

  1. Self-investment!

Now, what I mean by this is investing in you! You may have heard people talk about a ‘glow-up’. Typically referring to appearance, a ‘glow-up’ usually means bettering oneself. However, I am not solely referring to appearance here. I am including self-love, which can encompass appearance too. Let me give you an example: I believe that I don’t have the best skin, I have a number of spots, etc. But in all honesty, I don’t always abide to my skincare or use the products that I should. After expanding my emotional intelligence, I realised that this may be a reflection of my own (somewhat low) self-esteem and by purposefully depriving myself of the care that I need and will improve what I deem as a ‘flaw’, it is a form of ‘self-sabotage’. Therefore, this month I made the effort of booking myself a facial and buying the adequate products recommended by a beautician and have written down a regimented skincare routine for me to follow. Of course, this was not exactly the cheapest thing in the world – but here is the key word: self-investment. Will it make me happier and improve the way I see myself and consequently, how I act in day to day life? Yes, absolutely. It is for my own good so I must give myself that self-love and investment to myself. If I don’t do it, nobody else will! And I have done the same with other aspects like replacing my stained clothes and underwear, teeth whitening, buying a bag I had been eyeing up for ages, buying a gym membership for the new academic year and even reading books related to my course!

Summer is nearly over and we will probably soon wish we were back to the summer months again. Or maybe not. But why not start the academic year knowing you ended summer with a bang?

Dunya Simoes | Politics and Sociology (Warwick Scholar) Contact Dunya
Please feel free to ask me about anything!
Find out more about me Contact Dunya

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