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How are you? No how are you really?

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Whenever a Teams call starts or you ring someone people often ask you how are you, but how many people mean this.

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We are all living through very turbulent times and we need to make sure that we are reaching out to one another and asking and more importantly being genuinely interested in asking how are you today.

This is something I am going to make a conscious effort to do. It is a little way to show you care. In that vein how are… how are you really?

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Being students whether at university or at school/college has lead to your bedrooms becoming your social area, study area, room to sleep in. I know I have definitely felt trapped in these 4 walls during lockdown. So asking someone how they are also someone to share and feel as thought they have shared a problem- a problem shared is a problem halved.

I took my own advice on this and rang a old school friend the other day and when I asked and meant how have you been she broke down and said how hard she was finding things. After listening to her I realised many of us are sharing similar worries about the current situation and more broadly the future. We definitely both felt better about realising we weren’t alone with these thoughts.

Future university students are probably also feeling similar stress about how their grades will be calculated ? will these grades be high enough for where I want to go? I want you to know these are completly valid concerns all you can do is your best and take each day as it comes- honestly people undertand that you have been asked to achieve incerebly high standard in a time where there is so much uncertainty. This blog sadly can not answer these worries or concerns but it can reassure you these feeling are valid and normal- I know that doesn’t sound like much help but acknowledging that you can only do your best is the first step.

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I have also found that moitvation has also been hard during this lockdown. In the first lockdown we had the novely t feel and I guess the feeling that things would get resolved quickly- oh how wrong was I ! In the second lockdown Christmas was my motivation but this is why most of us are struggling with this current lockdown- what is there to be motivated for/ about. I have been struggling with this question.

I am now motivating myself day by day- and also with sweets and chcoclate. There are brighter days ahead- hopefully summer is motivation. Try to find a little motivation everyday- my motivation today is that everyday the daylight lasts a little longer.

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Sorry I haven’t been much help in this blog but I want you to know people care about how you actually are and that brighter days are ahead- well fingers crossed!

Samantha Holden | Politics, Philosophy and Law (PPL) Contact Samantha

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