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How and why I chose to study film at Warwick

After initially deciding on what course you want to study at university, the next big step is deciding which university you actually want to attend. In this post, I’ll discuss the factors that helped me choose to come to Warwick and some tips that will hopefully help you decide which university is right for you!

While writing my personal statement, I was still trying to decide between studying photography or film studies. To help me narrow down my choices of universities I first began by researching universities that had a good reputation overall and for the courses I was interested in. While the internet is very useful for this, I would also recommend that you take full advantage of any university fairs or careers advisers your sixth form/college have to offer. It is also helpful to work out what is most important to you in a university. For example, personally, I was most interested in a university with a good academic reputation. However, I know that some people may prioritise location, nightlife or societies the university has to offer. Keeping these factors in mind will help you narrow down your choice of universities.

After creating a shortlist of universities, I then attended the open days for six universities. Although it is not completely necessary to attend open days, I would strongly recommend it as they can be very informative. They give you a chance to see the university for yourself, meet some of the lecturers and current students and find out more about the course and the different modules on offer. Visiting the universities also allows you to see what the surrounding area is like and what the accommodation is like if these are important factors for you. If you cannot attend any of the open days, some universities have begun to offer virtual open day tours of the university which also sound very useful. For me, attending open days was extremely helpful as I was able to get a sense of the learning environment of the university, while also getting to ask any questions I had about the course.

After attending all the open days, I had decided that Warwick was the right university for me as it has a good academic reputation, the lecturers were engaging, the course covered things I was interested in and it was reasonably close to my hometown. Furthermore, I was also looking to attend a campus university, rather than a more spread out city university and the available accommodation suited my needs.

Although not every university course requires an interview before offering you a place, I was ‘lucky’ enough to have to go through three interviews before being offered any places. While the interview process can be quite daunting, I also found them helpful as they allowed me to see visit the universities again and meet different lecturers, while also allowing me to get a better sense of how the university itself operated. Furthermore, they also allowed me to meet some of my potential classmates and start to get to know them better.

Some further factors to help you choose the right university for you are the living costs, location and whether you want to study abroad or not. Studying in London will always be more expensive than studying elsewhere in the country since the cost of living is considerably higher. While you should consider this factor, don’t let the cost of London put you off entirely since students living and studying in London will receive a higher maintenance loan to compensate for the higher costs. Although I never considered studying abroad, this is something many people are interested in. I would recommend talking to people who have moved from the UK to study abroad to find out more about their experiences to help you decide if studying abroad is the right thing for you. A final point to consider is how far the university is from your home. While some people like to move as far away from home as possible, others like to stay near to home to be close to their family. Consider how easy it will be for you to visit home and also how much it will cost to visit home.


I hope this was helpful and if you have any further questions feel free to leave a comment below! 

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    Hi Devyn! My interview is coming up soon and I was wondering what kind of questions were you asked?


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