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Housing Worries?

It’s safe to say that for the past month or so, I was REALLY stressed out about sorting my accomodation for my second year. I spoke to many current second and third year students, and they advised me to get my housing sorted before Christmas. Now the crazy thing was that Warwick Accomodation released properties to view online around a week and a half before term 1 ended, so everyone was going crazy and houses were going in minutes?! I kept telling myself not to rush into accepting a contract for a house, but at the same time I was worried that all the good ones would go. Also, I know that many of you might be confused as to who you want to live with in term 1, since I personally was torn between flat mates and course mates, and housing happens so early in the academic year! I now happily have my accomodation for second year finalised so I have some tips for you all still looking and those who may become first year students in September 2016.

1. Dont worry if term 1 ends, you head home for Christmas and your house isn’t sorted! This was my scenario, but I spoke to Warwick Accomodation before I left and they guaranteed me that more houses will appear on the website in term 2, if not nicer ones! Ideally try to have a rough idea of your group for the next year, but again, anything can change in an instant so dont worry.

2. Keep an open mind. I was fixed on the idea that I was living with four of my flat mates and that was it, but in the spur of the moment, we found an 8 bed flat on Warwick Accomodation that was amazing, so we quickly rounded up some course mates to make up a group of 8 and it’s fine! So always keep an open mind when searching for houses.

3. Warwick Accomodation is your best bet over private housing. There is no problem with finding your house privately, I know many people that have done so and are happy, but with Warwick Accomodation you are guaranteed no worries. There are no initial deposits to pay, so you won’t have to pay your fees until your second year actually starts. Plus, if you have any maintenance problems, Warwick Accomodation will fix them at your request in an instant – they’ll look after you!

4. Keep the Warwick Accomodation tab open on your laptop so you can check to see if new properties are available regularly. I did this and checked it everytime I’d arrive back from my lectures, so I never missed out on the good ones.

5. Ask loads of questions when you view a property! I had a list of questions ready on my phone to ask the current students living in the property, and you’ll find out things that you wouldn’t expect. Ask about their security and safety, local surroundings like shops and bus stops, bills, parking etc., so you have a real feel of what it will be like to live there.

Otherwise, there’s not much else I can say at the moment but I’m sure that in my second year I can give a serious housing tips post when I’m actually living off campus. The thought is scary but exciting also, but if anyone has any questions then do post them in the comments!


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