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Housing Day: Don’t Panic!

So, today’s the Warwick Students’ Union Housing Day.

For those not in the know, Housing Day is the annual event run by the SU to help students with all of their househunting needs – it’s on until 15:30 in the SU Atrium today, so if you’re on campus it might be of interest to you. It’s an opportunity to get advice about the various aspects of renting and to meet members of the Warwick Accommodation team, to discuss off-campus housing options with them.

In both my second and third years, I’ve lived in Warwick Accommodation-managed houses in Coventry. Last year, my house was in Green Lane (~30-40 minutes’ walk to campus, or ~10 minutes by bus), and this year, I’m living in Canley (my house is about 15 minutes’ walk to campus). Both of these are suburbs of Coventry. Warwick Accommodation currently manages over 2300 off-campus bedrooms split between Coventry, Leamington Spa and Kenilworth.

One of the biggest advantages for me in choosing to live in a Warwick Accommodation property was that I was able to choose properties with a 42-week let instead of a full year. This means that I am not paying rent in the weeks over the summer when I’m not using the property. My current flatmates are both international students, so this was a big advantage for them, when they’re not even in the same country for most of the summer!

Something else which really appealed to me was the ability to use the online fault-reporting system to manage when things go wrong. For example, this year, our microwave stopped working, so I reported it and it was replaced promptly. It had had a good life – my mum spotted it when I was moving in, and said that it was the same one she’d had when I was born!

My number one tip to people looking for Warwick Accommodation properties on Housing Day is They do add new properties over the coming weeks and months as they become available – last year, I had been checking the website several times a day until something came up (we knew that there would be three of us and that being within a short walk of campus was our biggest priority). The house I’m currently living in came up sometime at the end of December 2016. As for my second year house? We didn’t find it until January! I know that it can feel like a lot of pressure to find a group of best mates during your first term at uni who are going to be your flatmates for the rest of your degree, but it really doesn’t have to be that way – it’s perfectly okay to not know who you want to live with just yet, and I know people who’ve signed on houses as late as May.

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