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Hi everyone! Hope those of you on campus have now settled into the start of term. As I haven’t had to revise for any exams recently, so far I’ve been tweaking my draft for a group report assignment, studying around my lectures, catching up with friends as well as finalising the details for my accommodation for next year!

For those of you who are interested in coming to Warwick, after the first year most students tend to move out into off-campus accommodation in Leamington Spa, Kenilworth or Coventry. As sorting out a rented property is a completely new experience for me (yelp!) I thought I might share my experience so far:

Over last month, the worrying thought that I hadn’t secured myself and my soon-to-be housemates a home was always at the back of my mind, as many elder years had told us that we must get our accommodation sorted before the end of Term 1 in order to beat the rush. However this isn’t true! While sorting out a property as early as you can will guarantee you security, it’s so much more important to think carefully over life for next year to prevent you from making a poor, rushed decision. After speaking with Warwick Accommodation they stressed that we should instead focus on settling into the university and to keep building on the friendships we’re forming, informing us that they will continue to add properties throughout the year. So don’t be pressured into making a choice you don’t want to commit to.

For many people looking for a property is a completely new (and perhaps scary) experience and while it may seem like a big challenge, the university has many different support services to help you out. The SU Advice Centre is one example – publishing comprehensive guides on factors to consider, helpful questions to ask and things to be aware of. Plus the SU organise an annual Housing Day where you are able to get face-to-face support from ambassadors and the Advice Centre team, so you can get a better understanding of the process and ask plenty of questions!

. There are two main paths you can take when approaching housing: you can either view a list of properties officially owned and maintained by Warwick Accommodation, or rent directly through a private landlord. Personally I would definitely recommend going through Warwick Accommodation if you can as this means the university IS your landlord. So all the properties are met to the latest Health and Safety standards and any issues or complaints can usually be dealt with as soon as possible, whereas this may be a mixed experience via a private landlord. Upon speaking with elder years who are living off-campus, the vast majority highly recommended going through the university as they found it much more supportive and responsive to get things sorted.

Regardless of your group’s size it’s crucial that everyone is comfortable with the final verdict. Therefore the process becomes so much easier if everyone can come to a property viewing and be able to form an opinion. Of course though, this may not always be the case due to conflicting schedules and other commitments, so here’s a tip I’ve learnt: . That way all members of the group can view the property inside and out allowing you to make a fairer decision (although please please please . Don’t go randomly filming someone else’s private belongings!).

In summary, if you’re starting out with house hunting for the first time, DON’T PANIC. Take the time to go over and consider the things that matter most to you and you will reach a good decision!

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