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House Hunting Manic? Don’t Panic!

Wow, it’s already Week 9! Where has the time gone?

Second year has been so busy and this term has just flown past – I can hardly remember what I’ve done and the work is just piling up week by week. Christmas holidays are looming on the horizon though and I’m honestly counting down the days…

Reflecting on this time last year, I remember how stressed I was. Not necessarily because of work and deadlines (which is what I’m mainly stressed about as I’m writing this) but house-hunting.

Here is something all of you freshers need to know – if you are worried about your housing situation for next year, trust me, the stress is so unnecessary.My biggest piece of advice? Don’t listen to what people tell you, do not panic if you don’t find something you like in Term 1!

If you’ve been told that you will not find a place in Term 2 or later – that is a lie. You will find something, trust me! I remember hearing all kinds of things last year, and people just sticking to a house that is not worth the value or have not thought through the people they’ll be living with.

Addressing the myth – yes, houses do get reserved fast and it can be difficult to find something you like. But there are houses that keep getting put on the market constantly. If you’ve been looking around and not found something you’re comfortable with, do not settle, wait it out, you might find something better! If you haven’t found somewhere this term, you will find something next term 100%. No matter what people tell you – you will end up somewhere no matter when you decide on a place.

Now with the living situation – think it through very carefully. You might be really lucky and do get along with the people you have met in your first weeks of university and continue to be friends with them throughout the year and for the years to come. Or, you might not. I personally did not meet the people I’m really good friends with now until Term 2 of first year! I’m not saying this is the same for everyone but things do change and even if it feels like it, you have not been here for very long to be able to tell who you would like to live with.

(Also there’s a difference between being friends and getting along with someone in general – and then actually living with them. So think it through!)

Also, Leamington Spa is great (I love it so much here) – but it’s not the only place to go. Earlsdon, Canley, Coventry, Tile Hill – all very underrated in my opinion. And you can get much nicer houses there than in Leamington for much better value for money and you won’t have to deal with buses getting full and never-ending queues at the bus stops (still worth it for me though because Leamington is so nice to live in, I’m biased – but I really like Earlsdon as well). Prioritise what you care about more – location, transport, quality etc.

Last year, I was so stressed. Unnecessarily. I was supposed to live with a group of people and that fell apart for me by the end of Term 1. I went into Term 2 without a living situation and didn’t get a place until maybe Week 7. It was hard – and it wasn’t because I couldn’t find a place because I had found places, but more because I hadn’t made a lot of good friends by then and the people I knew had already settled their living situations. But here I am! In Leamington, in a really nice house that’s in a really lovely area and I’m glad I didn’t settle for the living situation I had in Term 1.

If you can’t find people to live with, keep a close eye on those Facebook groups. Several people will start posting very very soon looking for people to fill rooms in houses they’ve found – that’s a great way to find a place and meet new people!

So again – if you’re panicking, please STOP! You don’t need to! Focus your energy on other things and don’t worry too much, you will find somewhere at any point of the year and you will find people (speaking from experience)! I’ve only just started looking for houses now with a group of friends – we’ve found one property we like but we’re taking our time and considering options so we don’t get stuck with something when we could get something for better value for money, I suggest you do the same!

If you have any questions please do comment down below!

– Rana x

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