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Homesickness: How to battle it.

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Oh! Yay! I am finally at university, the place where I can finally choose exactly what I want to do in order to have my dream job in the future! Woo!

Oh wait… me? Alone? Having to be an extrovert and make friends? Alcohol? Parties? Make my own food??? Where is Mum and Dad?

Fair enough, some people have not being in a situation where homesickness has been bad whilst at uni, and to that I say lucky you! However, once people get into university, some of us get this thing called homesickness. The thought of not having your parents near. And you start counting how many days until you see them.

See, I didn’t really have the choice to just hop on the train and go see my parents. I would’ve had to hop on a train, then a tram to Birmingham International, then a 4-hour plane and then a taxi to finally arrive at the place I call home. Hearing people say that they were going home for the weekend really made me envy them sometimes.

However, this feeling can all go away, I reassure you.

Think about it: you are in this amazing university that wanted you (you!) and you are now getting the taste of freedom, and it feels good, a feeling that you have never felt before. It’s strange, I know, having to be fully independent and having to shop and cook for yourself: it’s a challenge that you have to overcome, or else you cannot survive university. Having a Bread Oven once in a while might be a cute little treat, but not all the time!

The thing is, having your parents constantly message you asking if you are okay does not help either. I would say, if that is the case, explain to them that everything is alright. And if there is anything bad that is actually happening, well, depending on how bad it is, you can choose whether 1. Tell them 2. Figure it out yourself.

Overcoming homesickness is difficult: you will find yourself in situations at university where you will be SO happy and have loads of friends and the next time you might think ‘when can I go home’. Remember: time heals everything. See this period of your life as a time where you have to accommodate the uncomfortable, to welcome the unknown. You are about to enter adulthood and you will be fine!

However, if you feel like you really need to see your parents, for any reason, do it. Only because you are at university doesn’t mean you have to ignore the people that have put up with you for 18 years! If you need a break (because everyone needs a break from uni), go back home, and have that nice meal that you have been craving since you landed at Warwick.

Finally, see this period as a period of adjustment: it’s an amazing time where you can enjoy new things in life independently from your family. Just remember to keep in touch with them!

Aisha Morales Park | Modern Languages (Spanish, French and Italian) Contact Aisha Morales

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