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Holidays, Essays and Applications

The winter break so far has been very very busy! Between seeing friends and family from home again, a lot of coursework, and vacation scheme applications, this break has been both amazing and quite stressful.

 To fit everything in, I usually try to loosely plan out my days.   For example, I tend to keep my mornings work-free so that I can enjoy being with my family, and then work over the afternoons. As I have an essay due early January, it is one of the things I need to work on regularly so that I have plenty of time to finish it. One of the goals I set for myself this academic year was to be more efficient when I work so recently I’ve been giving myself a set amount of time within which to do my research and then within which to type up my answer. So far, this method has been really helpful and it’s also helping me feel more productive. 

I’ve also been balancing academic work with writing and sending off applications, since I’m trying to find some legal work experience over the summer. Before I started working on applications, I never quite appreciated how much work each one required. For most firms, there will be a minimum of three steps to go through before you are offered a place. These typically include an online application form, an assessment centre and an interview, although some firms also have additional steps like video interviews or verbal reasoning tests. They are therefore quite the process! But the good thing is that if you are starting to apply for any type of work experience, you’re not left to struggle alone. Before leaving campus, I could typically be found at the Career Drop-ins held in the Oculus (more info here: They helped me go through my CV again, and provided me with so much advice for applications. I also attended one of their events, a mock assessment centre, to feel more prepared in case I was invited to one. I would recommend these mocks to anyone feeling a bit confused about what  AC are and what they entail (especially if you’re an international student like me, because it is quite an unfamiliar process). The mock included explanations of possible exercises we might be asked to perform, and we also participated in a range of exercises which I unexpectedly really enjoyed (constructing a building out of marshmallows and spaghetti being one of its many highlights!). It made me a lot more confident about attending an AC, and also made them seem much less daunting.

 Beyond work and coursework, I’ve also made sure that I take the opportunity to relax as much as possible before Term 2, so I don’t start it off exhausted! So far, relaxing has included trying out an unhealthy amount of different cookie recipes with my sisters, a lot of catch-up sessions with friends, and a lot of sleep. I’m also really looking forward to starting Term 2, especially as I’ll be starting one of my new optional modules for the year, Writing Human Rights, which is so different from anything I’ve studied so far.


I hope all of you are having relaxing breaks too, and happy holidays! 🙂

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