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Hockney Exam Escape

Over the past few weeks, it’s been literally non-stop studying. Finding a study space was difficult – I was mostly in the Oculus and moved to the Library after 6pm as it was less full by then and I found a seat more easily that way. It is definitely not an exaggeration how jam-packed the library gets – Rootes Learning Grid as well. By 9am, they’re both full and it’s not really worth going in unless you know someone in there who can find a seat for you.

David Hockney is one of my all-time favourite artists, and his exhibition was ending on 27th May (and I had an exam that day!), so I decided to take a day trip one day down to London where I saw two of my friends and went to the Tate Britain to see Hockney’s work myself.

I’ve always been passionate about art (I was actually going to study art before I decided on law), and I still have yet to explore more galleries within the UK, I haven’t been to the Tate Modern yet and I’ve heard that’s even bigger.

Here are some photos I took inside Tate Britain:



Henry Moore




David Hockney Exhibition






Always make sure you’re taking care of yourselves – whether you’re doing university or school exams. Take regular breaks. My day trip really made me relax for just one day and properly rest up before getting stuck back into studying – so it really wasn’t a day wasted for me.

Best of luck to everyone – and well done to everyone who has already finished their exams.

– Rana x

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