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Hitting the brick wall of term 3

Some people have finished their degree, some are still out in smack, others have become library furniture…

Term 3 is probably the most tedious but drastic term of the year. Your friends disappear, your group chats are purely full of either motivational quotes, summer prep, trying to organise a group holiday or they’re just very quiet. But as soon as revision and exams are over everyone comes back to life and enjoy the final weeks of term. Hang in there, it’ll be over soon.

The guilt of napping for an hour will go, your hunchback will go but also your year will finish and you will suddenly feel strange because you suddenly have little to do. But honestly, there are plenty of things to do…

  • Look for placements/work experience/volunteer.
  • Explore the area and pick up your lost friends along the way.
  • Pick up a new hobby.
  • Prepare for next year, (hint: Dissertation!).

Revision has been hard for me this term, purely because I get so bored so easily. The sight of my notes and working through questions seem so draining. But something that helps me is to have breaks. I don’t mean the standard 10-30min breaks during the day, but take a whole day off. Honestly, you might think that you can’t waste a day. But you need to refresh your mind and let it relax, just like a muscle you can’t overwork your mind because you’re going to get so exhausted by the time it’s a couple of days before your exam you’re going to run out of steam. Change your area, rearrange your room, go to different working spaces, sit with different people, keep changing your routine and keep your mind active. I love working at home simply I feel most relaxed and I revise by talking to myself, so I can’t really do that amongst others. But I have made the effort to change my routine and not loose motivation. You just need to keep pushing and focusing on your work.

Once I get my results, I will tell you about my revision techniques, simply because I don’t know if it is successful yet! They worked in year 1 but let’s see that if they are as affective.

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