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HistSoc Ball 2020: Gardens of Versailles

On 29th February, the HistSoc Ball was held in Birmingham Royal Botanical Gardens. I didn’t know that these kinds of events happened before I came to university, but I’d really been looking forward to it from when I bought my ticket earlier this year.  

I had such a good night. On the coach, we were given goody bags with sweets and a free drink voucher in, which was a lovely surprise. When we arrived, the venue was decorated beautifully – there were fairy lights everywhere and there was a rose wall where everyone took pictures with their friends.  

After a few minutes of being in the bar area, everyone moved into the dining room for dinner. Our starter was soup, and for the main course I had chicken and vegetables with gravy, which I really enjoyed (I think the vegetarian option was ratatouille). For dessert, we had sticky toffee pudding which was delicious.   

After dinner, we took pictures in the photo booth and had a look around the gardens, and then went back into the main room and danced with everyone.

Ball is such a good event as it’s so different to the socials that go on throughout the year – when else do you get the chance to dress up, have a fancy dinner and dance with your friends at uni? I had an amazing night at Ball, and can’t wait to go again next year!

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