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Highlights of Term 1!

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Term officially ended yesterday, and it feels so good! I’m lucky that on Fridays I only have a seminar from 10-11 anyway, so I got to have the rest of the afternoon off curled up watching films rather than spend it slaving away in the library!

Part of me cannot believe that we are already a whole term through my first year of university as it seems to have absolutely flown by, but another part of me already feels well and truly settled in, like I’ve been here forever.

My first term at university has been so much fun. Yes, it’s been daunting and stressful and a little bit scary, but it’s also been the start of a whole new adventure and that’s so exciting.

Here are a few of my highlights of Term 1:

Moving-in Weekend For me, moving in was so fun. I absolutely loved the first couple of days of meeting all my flatmates for the first time and decorating my room. Getting my room sorted so that it felt like home was a big priority for me, so I spent most of the first afternoon pinning photographs to my pinboard and arranging my bookshelves, and it was definitely worth it when I laid in bed on the first night and felt at home.

Harry Potter Sorting Ceremony Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? Aged 18 my childhood dreams came true as I finally got to be sorted into Ravenclaw (with a proper sorting hat and everything). It was my first society event of the year and we packed out the Graduate bar, there were so many of us! Watching everyone get sorted was really atmospheric and a great way to spend the evening.

Halloween Decorations At Halloween we took the decorating of the kitchen very seriously, with a pumpkin, skeleton tinsel, bats hanging from the ceiling, and alien balloons. It looked so fun and seasonal and made the kitchen a really cool place to be.

Bake-Off Competition At the beginning of November all of us in Arthur Vick competed against Jack Martin in a bake off. It was so much fun – especially as we were really quite unorganized and had a massive rush about an hour before judging to get it all done. We’d baked the cakes themselves earlier in the afternoon, but when Julia, one of our Resident Tutors, came round for a brief look at progress we still just had bare cakes with no decoration. One hour later, we had a whole snow scene on top of a cake. How about that for teamwork!

Christmas Dinner This week we all came together as a flat to have a huge Christmas dinner before heading home this weekend. Three chickens (all cooked to different flavours: salt and pepper, honey glaze, and peri-peri), more roast potatoes than you can count, a whole pile of veg and Yorkshire, and not to forget the pigs in blankets… We’re a flat who get on well but we’re often not all in the kitchen at the same time so it was really nice to all be together before the holidays.

So that’s just a few of my favourite moments from Term 1. Here’s to many more in Term 2 – bring on 2016!!

Sophie Miller | English Literature and Creative Writing Contact Sophie

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