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Hidden Gems of Campus: Making Your Time at Warwick Enjoyable and Convenient

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

Every new beginning and experience takes some time to adjust and once you are settled and used to your environment, that is when you start to notice all the small details that you never did before. Now that I am entering my final year at Warwick, I have noticed little details and small hidden gems around campus during my time here and some are not as obvious unless have been around for a while.

Like all of the UK universities, unlike the universities in the United States; Warwick has no official mascot, however the longer you spend time here the sooner you will realise that there is one animal everyone on campus is familiar with. The notorious Warwick Goose. From chasing people around campus, to aggressive looks you may get leaving your accommodation building (be extremely vigilant those of you who will be living in Lakeside) or even leaving nasty trails of dropping mines you have to navigate your way through in the morning to get to your lecture. The abundance of wild life and greenery on campus is amazing and is something that many of the city universities lack. Keep a lookout for the more quiet and scenic spots on campus, come of which are along the running trails, Westwood field or even behind some accommodations like bluebell.

The reduced section in Tesco will be your best friend. different items will be on markdown as the days draw nearer to the weekend and popping in to do your weekly shop and stopping by the reduced shelf always brings about pleasant surprises as you never know what may be on a deal. From meats, sandwiches drinks and even ready made meals, there are some days when you may get lucky and snag multiple items without going above a fiver (this is not an exaggeration, i’m speaking from experience here) always make sure to try your luck and see what is available.On the same note of saving money, you can even save money on the national bus by using the group tickets if you’re not travelling alone. Many times when people want a change from the environment on campus, to go shopping or grab brunch with their friends students head to either the Coventry city centre or Leamington Spa. the national express or stagecoach busses are both options, however if you are planning to take the 11 or 11U and you are travelling with a friend or a group, group tickets after 6pm are only £5. This includes a return, whilst buying a return ticket individually would retail to £4, hence you only pay £2.50 each using a group ticket.

There are many underrated study spots around campus and knowing them can be especially helpful when it comes to the saturated situation at the learning grids or library especially during exam season. Some other places which are worth a shot to try out if you find it hard to revise in your room but too crowded to go to the grid or library include: the Oculus, Chaplaincy and University House. Sometimes, students also tend to book rooms when doing a group study session and this can be done here.

As each month, term and year passes by during your time at Warwick, the more memories, lifelong friendships and experiences you will continue to gain alongside your studies. It is important to keep an open mind and while things may seem new and unsettling to you at first there is so much that Warwick has to offer and these small tips may actually make your time at university even more convenient and enjoyable.

Isabel Quah | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Isabel

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