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Hey there, it’s Refreshers Week, are you ready?

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Better later than never. This should be the premise of Refreshers Week. As the name goes, you have the whole week two of this term to get involved in everything that you haven’t in term one. Supposing that you’ve managed to settle in and organize your workload, now it’s time to remember about all the trials you missed out on, all the activities you didn’t have time for, all the societies you wanted to join out but didn’t act on it…and…give them a try.

To keep in mind for Refreshers Week:

Never too late to try: last year I had been interested in doing STAR (Student Action for Refugees) since term 1. However, because it had been a hectic first term, I didn’t manage to join in the first 10 weeks. Because I missed the start, I had thought that they’re not going to accept me anymore, without actually asking. In term two, I realized, through meeting one of the society’s members, that they were gladly welcoming more students. Moral of the story: don’t just assume societies are not open towards expanding just because you hadn’t joined in term 1, as it may not be the case.

A lot of societies will organize information sessions to update you on upcoming projects, so keep an eye on their Facebook, Instagram pages where they’ll advertise the events. However, it’s not compulsory for them to organize another general meeting, therefore make sure to get in contact with members directly if you have queries about activities in particular. Keep in mind that some projects may got to the saturation point, therefore, more members may not be accepted, but this shouldn’t keep you from asking.

Some sports societies will organize re-trials (no all of them, so make sure in advance). You’ve still got the chance to earn your place in the team. Under no circumstances should you be intimidated by the other members’ presence there. Most probably, they will have to be retested as well, as for instance, the volleyball club will.

Don’t be afraid to go alone. Even if you don’t know anyone from the society or your friends don’t really fancy joining you, this shouldn’t stop you from going. After all, it’s been only a term and if you think that clicks have already formed and people have already bonded, this is not necessarily true. Most probably, you are not going to be the only one joining in second term anyway. And even if you are, think that the others have joined for the same reason as you: they are interested in “what’s going on there”, therefore, seeing new students engaged with their projects should and will make them open towards including and nurturing you.

If you think is term two so you won’t have that much spare time to join societies, think twice. Indeed, you don’t want to overload yourself with work as joining societies adds new responsibilities in your schedule, so if you’re already involved in extracurricular activities, maintain a balance between academic and personal time. If not, don’t be lazy and join something.

In a nutshell, give your mind a refresh and take advantage on the Refreshers Week. (don’t judge my wordplay, I’m trying hard here…)



Sabrina Luca | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sabrina

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