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Hey google…play ‘Homesick’

With everyone starting the process of packing and moving in to Uni either for the first time or returning I thought it only righto talk about it in todays post. I know the thought of being homesick sounds crazy considering that for the last 6 months we’ve done nothing but sit at home but it’s very much real. So I’m going to talk to you about how to deal with being homesick and a couple things to pack/ buy to make your room feel more like home.

Firstly; teddies, picture frames, blankets, random décor that are staples in your bedroom at home, BRING WITH YOU. I cant quite put into words how much all those little things make. I do not sleep with a teddy bear but simpy because it sat on my bedside table for the last 2 years I brought it from home to sit next to me just like when I was at home. I even brought a watering can that I got as a gag gift on my 18th because it just made me laugh every time I saw it. There are literally so many subtle ways you can calm your mind and settle yourself when you’re in a new environment.

Secondly; key gadgets and purchases. I would highly recommend bringing a speaker with you, your Alexa or google nest. Everyone probably owns a pair of headphones and they do their job but sometimes when you want to just feel like the main character for a quick hour, play your favourite playlist and PERFORM for your mirror. If you can get an alexa or nest it would, in my opinion, be even better especially now when we will be spending a lot of time at home. You can connect everything and control it from your phone. Convenience = comfortability. Again, something little can really make your life easier and when you don’t feel stressed you wont feel that homesick feeling so bad. Next to getting a speaker I feel like, if you don’t already; invest into an iPad/ tv/ projector and with that Netflix/ amazon prime/ Disney + or whatever you like. Again, this one is all about comfortability. I know so many people who brought their PlayStation just so they have a distraction from uni and just do something mindlessly. Last year I used my iPad but this year I’m definitely looking into a projector because the space in my room this year allows it. Another thing that is strongly underrated is air freshener. Find out what scent your parents use at home or don’t forget to pack your diffuser or scented candles just to get rid of that empty room smell. The more it feels like home the faster you will feel settled…and that is a guarantee.

Now to tackle being homesick. I want to let you know that it is completely normal and you don’t need to feel embarrassed or stressed out about it. I actually got homesick every term but I, unlike other emotionally mature people, locked myself in my room and avoided calling home because it was easier than crying for my mum on the phone…*Debbie Ryan face*. As a now grown up, mature(r) person I would recommend you to talk to people; family, friends, flatmates and just sink into it for a bit. It is honestly like a miniature wave of emotion that doesn’t even last that long. Like I said earlier, it’s all about being settled and comfortable because as humans we hate the unknown. As you take all the challenges head on, you start coming into your own and at that point your routine develops, your uni life starts to become the new normal and quite honestly going home feels like a weird holiday. I am addicted to my phone so all my videos and pictures were kept there through first year but I know people found having hard copy pictures to look at made their room feel more friendly and homely. If you want to go down the printed picture route I recommend using Snapfish. Its a free app and every month you get 5o free prints all you pay for is delivery. It is completely worth it and the pictures come right to your door- what else can I ask for?

In conclusion, being homesick is a thing. I cannot even begin to imagine how international students feel round about now and everyone leaving home for the first time. However, I urge you all to be safe and make smart decisions… we are in a pandemic- but have fun by all means. comfortability is key and if that is proving harder than you thought, join a mentoring scheme and have that added support or sometimes just make that journey back home. One weekend will not hurt and you’ll be great. I’m always here if you need me even if we just send tiktoks to each other- I’m down.

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