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Here’s some things you could get involved with this year

Recently I’ve been thinking about my first year and the opportunities I might have missed out on. One of those is societies because I just didn’t make enough time for them so this year, I decided I really wanted to become more invested in some. Under normal circumstances people would likely decide based on the society fair at the start of the year but as it’s a mass gathering who knows if it’ll go ahead. So, I thought I’d bring everyone some student accounts of different societies. They’re all from students who’ve attended particular societies this year and wanted to promote them. Hopefully it might give you some ideas I know it did for me! Here’s the link to the student union society list so you can also do some further research 

Kim on Glee Society- “Glee, it’s incredibly chill and welcoming, everyone in there is so accepting. Every week we have a theme and you can sing a song to do with that theme or just watch and have fun, I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys music, singing or the show glee, no experience needed.” 

Simon on Climbing Society- “Climbing soc is a great opportunity for anyone looking to try out something new and to make plenty of friends, everyone there is very friendly and the atmosphere inside the gym is very relaxed and fun. There are plenty of socials each term and opportunities to drink (if you’re interested in that).” Fun fact Warwick has one of the largest climbing walls in any University in the country- I think it looks amazing and I’d have tried it by now if I wasn’t scared of heights 

Urvashi Khana on Animal Lovers Society- “It is a society that brings all animal lovers together. We have various events, like we have one coming up called SASCHA CAMILLI to talk about vegan fashion. We share facts and feature pets, also we organised bake sales for good causes. It’s a new society formed this year and we’re really hoping to get our name out there and expand.” 

Harry on Scottish Society- We do everything from karaoke to watching international matches. We also do joint events with northern, Irish and Welsh socs such as the triple crown circle, one of the largest on campus! We encourage everyone, no matter your nationality, to get involved.” I can personally testify to this societies hugely welcoming atmosphere. I went to a few Northern society events this year where Scot Soc (as it is commonly known) attended and they’re an incredibly energetic enthusiastic bunch. 

Helen on Philosophy Society– Our goal is to motivate people to engage with philosophy, independently, of what they’ve chosen to study. For that, we organise relaxed events such as Phil&Chill where we talk about topics, concepts and philosophers we might have found inspiring or intriguing. We’re also keen on organising speaker events and discussion panels linked to a range of disciplines varying from politics to medicine. On that note, we’d like to mention Pharos, the society’s undergraduate academic magazine. Run by a dedicated team of creators and editors, Pharos encourages undergraduates to experiment with the process of publishing, gaining valuable insights in academic writing and boosting their CV.  

Alicia (the president) also on PhilSoc– “We organise peer-support groups for essays and study sessions such as we did this year with Productivity Breakfast. People casually show up, discuss their essays, exchange their views and, essentially, through this process, they improve their work. As a joint degree student, working with PhilSoc has enabled me to strengthen my connection with the philosophy community on campus. Last year, I launched the Productivity Breakfast sessions, which, I genuinely believe, helped us all with essay-writing, and made us more accountable in terms of working on our assignments.”  

Samantha on the Student Cinema- The society that I’d like to share my experience of is the Warwick Student Cinema. I suppose my main point would be able how welcoming the society is. There is an array of ways to get involved, from stewarding and front of house duties, to publicity and projection. Beyond that, the social sec is incredible; she strives to ensure everyone feels welcome, and makes her socials very inclusive by focusing on sober socials. On top of all of that, you can enjoy great films at the fraction of the cost that you’d pay to go to an actual cinema, or for nothing if you join the team!”  I’ve attended the student cinema a few times this year and always really enjoyed it. The atmosphere is more relaxed than a normal cinema and the screen is much bigger than the ones I’ve been to! You also don’t have to sneak your sweets in which is nice. 

Jack on Astronomy Society- I started going to astronomy society soon after my first week at Warwick and have always found it to be a small but welcoming group. I am now on the exec as academic coordinator and we host astronomy related talks every other week and plan many socials throughout the term. Last term’s events included bar crawls, laser tag, an end of term meal and many more, plus we try to host observing sessions as frequently as possible which are always fun despite the weather never seeming to be on our side. I am not the most outgoing person but never felt nervous at astronomy society events. This society is perfect for people starting on the new Physics with Astrophysics course at Warwick but is also open to anyone no matter how much or how little astronomy experience you have which I can vouch for because I had never used a telescope before but was keen to find out more when I first joined.” After hearing about this society and having a look at their Facebook I’m strongly considering joining, it looks so interesting!  

 Ruth on Warwick RAG (Raising And Giving)- “I’ve been part of Warwick RAG for the last year and have really enjoyed getting involved. It’s a great society to be part of if you want to help charities whilst having fun. The society runs a wide variety of events, challenges and socials (from bake sales to circles, sky diving to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro) which are great to take part in, whether that’s just participating or helping to organise them!” 

Non-Society groups you can also join 

Malika on Connect Us- Connect us is a student led start-up which aims to resolve mental health on campus. Without algorithm, we pair you with like-minded people to reduce the struggle of University life.”  

Urvashi on Inforens– “We’re a student-run initiative to provide real-time advice to prospective international students applying to tier 1 universities in the UK and the world. Inforens was born out of the success of founders from diverse backgrounds getting into Russell group universities for the first time in their families. Our aim is to create a unified platform that links student freelance consultants with international students seeking foreign education. Why us? Well the application process is cumbersome and often results in students with the right skills missing out due to generalised advice and we want to change this.” 

 Annika on Unicef– ‘Warwick Unicef campaigns and raises money for children in need based on the founding ideas orbiting Unicef UK – by joining this society you will be able to stimulate direct change by attending School Project events where you will teach and meet local children; campaign, volunteer, and fundraise for specific relevant causes and meet incredible people who share the same passion for charity and helping others. We also have an end of year trip abroad where you can visit another country which remains an amazing experience. If you are interested please follow the Warwick Unicef Instagram page and DM us with any and all of your questions.” 

Malika on is a group of likeminded individuals dedicated to building equal opportunities for every child. We look at issues from different and unconventional perspectives and come up with creative solutions to obstacles children face in healthcare and education. Our Warwick branch is one of many across the UK working with local organizations to get involved in community- led projects to fundraise and raise awareness for’s vision. Our mission is to partner with local organizations to deliver school-based health and nutrition interventions and to inspire groups of young people to become advocates for change. We are currently working on projects in Africa such as improving the quality of care in Sierra Leone, pregnancy Support groups in Kenya and providing baby supplies boxes in Nairobi.” 

I hope you enjoyed these accounts by students for students. I may make a part 2 if I get more submissions so keep an eye out! 

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