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Here, There and Everywhere

One of my least favourite things about university is the constant moving between Warwick and home. Perhaps it’s just that I’m incapable of being in one place for too long without having all of the conveniences I have grown used to but I find it very easy to get fed up with packing and moving only to then immediately be thinking about moving again. It seems to be a feature of student life that you can never quite be settled in one place but there are some things that can help with this a bit.

First off, make sure that you do settle in as much as possible wherever you’re going. Don’t leave a stack of unpacked boxes waiting for you to need something buried at the bottom and try to make your space your own with posters, pictures and whatever helps you relax into your space.

Try to consider all of the details that others may have overlooked. By this I mean things like registering with the GP or knowing where your nearest dental practice is. There is nothing worse than worrying that you can’t get access to help should you need it so don’t wait for the situation to arise, be proactive and get ahead of it.

Maybe don’t pack your entire life’s worth of possessions to take to uni. This is one that I struggle with because I look around my room at home and, for the most part, the things I own are all things that I use regularly. It can be difficult but try to be quite harsh when deciding what you do or don’t need and consider the size of the space you’re moving into.

That being said, don’t panic all the time that you’ve packed too much stuff. We’re all different and need different things so keep in mind that this is what works for you and everyone else can pack according to their own needs.

If you’re going to be travelling home it can be good to plan this in advance. Not only does this then remove the stress of having to get back home, pack and work out logistics all at the same time but it can also be a lot cheaper too. Sometimes things can’t be planned in advance. It’s annoying but inevitable and in these situations you just have to take a ‘do what you have to do’ attitude towards things and plan where you can.

Other than that, the only advice I can offer is to try not to stress about it all too much. Easier said than done, I know but just embrace the hurdles that come as best you can and try to enjoy the benefits that come from your different living situations. Enjoy the different local areas, enjoy the conveniences whenever you get a chance to visit home and just try to make the most of whatever situation you find yourself in.

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