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Herbal tea, patterned trousers and earplugs

First week back after five and a half weeks off and I must admit there is something definitely different about the atmosphere around campus. Ok, it’s not thaaat different, but you can definitely sense exam season has arrived…oh joy…

I must admit, even as a first year, the thought of the next few weeks of numerous essay deadlines and exams fills me with dread a little. Even the idea of the library being open 24/7 now is enough to reduce a little fresher like myself into a state of panic and terror.

Nevertheless, fear not! Even though I am probably one of the biggest worriers and stressers (no, I don’t think that is a word either) when it comes to exams, I am determined to stay sane, look after myself and still factor in some enjoyment time during this term.


Gli studenti italiani ieri sera…

With some forward planning, a plentiful supply of herbal tea in the form of the very peculiar looking bags of dried flowers, stalks and leaves squirreled away in my kitchen cupboard courtesy of my mother, along with my trusted philosophy of just taking one day at a time, I am going to try my best to not get overwhelmed and burn out which can easily happen if you’re not careful!


Why is it blue?

I have noticed that many fellow student bloggers have been posting about exams and revision tips so I don’t want to particularly go over what has already been said. After all, I really think that everybody has their own methods and techniques when it comes to revision and exams. For example, I for one simply cannot work in the library! Don’t get me wrong, as a humanity student the library most definitely soon becomes your best friend when it comes to research for essay writing…with five floors of beautiful books, Warwick’s library is without a doubt a brilliant source of resources.

However, it seems that I just cannot seem to actually work there?! I know I am definitely in a minority. This is perhaps demonstrated by the fact that according to my friends, by 8am it is already impossibly to get a seat there! I have tried to work in the library believe me, especially when I rather cleverly managed to leave my laptop charger at home after I popped back for the weekend. And when I say ‘work’, I mean really work. Not just constantly refreshing facebook, watching funny cat videos on youtube, or the other forms of common procrastination you see so many people succumbing to as you walk through the aisles of desks and work spaces within the library. I am by no means condemning this. At times I have even found myself hovering and dusting in order to prolong the time before starting an essay- quite possibly the ultimate form of procrastinating. However I just can’t seem to really concentrate in the library… all the people coming and going, the unintentional eavesdropping you find yourself doing, even the rustling and turning of papers alone is enough to drive me crazy. As this seems to have turned into a ramble about the library (never my intention sorry), I should also point out that as a humanity student my floor is floor 3. Yuup, inevitably full of edgy flatforms and creepers (the shoes I mean of course), artsy pattered trousers, oversized jumpers, thick rimmed glasses and stacks of rings accumulated from overseas travel (again, I am embarrassingly guilty of all of the above), there is just so much to look at and I just found myself taking people watching to a whole new level!! How can anybody manage to focus?

I suppose I am just someone who needs an environment free from all distractions and absolute silence to work. This was something I definitely noticed since coming to university. After all, university can be the ultimate source of distractions at times. Frequently I will find myself popping into the kitchen for a glass of water (probably as a way of procrastinating), and then over an hour later leaving after a good chat or DMC (deep meaningful conversation) and multiple cups of tea (another great form of procrastination). Apart from occasionally having to yell down to my dad to turn down the TV at home, or even his voice at that, (after all he is Italian), I never really thought about how important my surroundings were for me when I was studying at home. Yet, as I browsed through the recent posts on here about exams so as to see what has already been said, I noticed how different everybody works. Some need music, some work in coffee shops, others prefer a more buzzing environment where there is guaranteed to be some sort of background noise. I on the other hand, to my friends’ amusement, sometimes even wear earplugs when essay writing (I know, I did warn you I wasn’t normal).

Ok, so this post seems to have turned into exactly what I didn’t want it to…exams have once again stolen the limelight of another student post. Well, in that case, I might as well just wish you all the best with revision and study wherever you choose to do it!

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