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Help – I can’t find a house!

This term is usually the time when most people will be sorting out their living arrangements for next year. However, it really isn’t a big deal if you haven’t found a place to live yet, and if worse comes to worst, I’m sure digging a hole underneath the SU and living in it would be permissible (since it’s creative and all). Firstly, if you are worried at this point about housing situations at this point, you’re definitely putting yourself through unnecessary stress. In my first year, I made the mistake of panicking when it was April and we still hadn’t found a fourth housemate to live with, but there will always be a house and a spare person somewhere at any point in the year. You won’t be homeless.Obviously leaving it till the last minute isn’t very advisable since end of term 2/term 3 is exam season and sorting out housing is just stressful on top of education, so it’s best to get it out of the way earlier, which is why you’ll find loads of people annoyingly panicking about housing around this time. Here are two main problems you might have in regards to housing:

"I can’t decide on a location"

This decision wasn’t difficult for me because I know I wanted to live relatively near campus and since I wasn’t planning on leaving my house much, Leamington seemed like a bit of a trek. I’d advise to just go with where you see yourself living next year, taking into consideration distance, travel costs (the bus pass for Leam is more expensive), and clubbing.

"I don’t know who to live with – what if I don’t want to live with humans in general?"

This might just be a me thing but sometimes people are just effort and you’d just prefer to live by yourself. However, if you’re lucky enough to find a group of friends, even one or two, who you genuinely want to be around, then that is a massive plus. My advice is to live with the type of people who don’t make you want to teleport to another destination mid-convo. I guarantee if you find even one or two like-minded people, you’ll have a great (and cheaper) time living with them.

Another thing I’d advise is to look into Warwick accommodation first rather than going straight to private agencies. Warwick accommodation is more trustworthy and you don’t have to pay a deposit, which is great. If you are looking into private housing, make sure you know you can trust that agency and look into all of the fees they ask you to pay. Some agencies love to throw in random additional payments that they didn’t tell you about beforehand and which aren’t in the contract, so read the contract!

Either way, don’t rush into anything and don’t sign anything you feel uncomfortable signing!

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