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Hello freshers!

Hey everyone!

This post is for those of you moving in, or anybody just having a read of my blog posts *hi there, mum and dad*

Around this time last year I was getting some last-minute advice from my politics mentor, Felix *shout out to the best politics mentor*, “Join the debating society, do your reading, and don’t forget to have fun” he stressed.

And now – I am one of those people, giving the same advice…

You’ll probably be moving in this weekend, I will be in Berlin on a politics conference – looking forward to seeing you very soon!

Make the most of freshers week! There is currently a lot of debate regarding having a lecture-free week, which personally I am opposed to. I really enjoyed the two weeks of freshers Warwick gives, the lectures and seminars were where I made my best politics friends so along with it being a good way of providing some structure, I was able to meet so many people which I am completely grateful for. It meant I made friends I would remember the next day, unlike a week of hardcore drinking…

Move-in early in the day, let your parents do the grocery shopping for the last time and then let them leave. And remember, your flatmates are your best friends, you just don’t know it yet.

Enjoy your year freshers 🙂

Shanita 🙂 xo

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