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Hello Easter Break & Revision

I still can’t believe that Term 2 is officially over, my first year at Uni is seriously flying by. We now have 5 weeks for our Easter Break, which in comparison to students that I know from other universities, our break is by far the longest so lucky us! Even though lecturers give the general idea that they don’t expect us to do hardcore revision over Easter and we’re meant to relax, I can’t help but think that’s crazy?! It’s most probably because of our set ways from school and how we were all pressured to start revision from September, whereas University is another story. Especially when your first year doesn’t count towards your final degree, like mine, there seems to be a relaxed approach to revision. I myself only need to achieve 40% this year in order to pass and move on to the second year of my degree, so we are regularly told to treat this first year as a practice year.

I’m not going to lie but my aim is to get the bulk of my revision notes completed during this Easter Break, so I then have the beginning of Term 3 to properly learn everything and do past papers (I can be a bit of a study freak). Although, the thing I like about University is the fact that your learning is truly independant and down to you, so you don’t have lecturers nagging you down your throat about what you should be doing and at what time (which is what school was like when I look back on it). Therefore, there’s no need to worry about what revision/work you’re doing and you shouldn’t compare yourself to others, because everyone has their own revision styles and techniques.

I spent the previous weekend doing absolutely nothing so I was prepared today, in the first of the five weeks of Easter, to get started on work. My aim for this first week is to complete my Statistics Assessment, and then proceed with revision from there. Let’s hope that Statistics doesn’t diminish my confidence too much, but I have our online lecture capture to rely on so it’s all good! I’ll keep you all updated within April to let you know how my second Stats Assessment of this year went and how revision is coming along (wish me luck), but I hope you all have a great Easter and hopefully do find some time to relax.


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