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Study. Sleep. Stress. Repeat.

Recently, I feel like I’ve been caught in a loop of uni work, parenting and other responsibilities that one attracts as an adult.  The weather hasn’t helped because I’ve not wanted to go walking in the blustery grey outdoors.  So I haven’t even been able to enjoy what I love doing most and that’s when I tend to get antsy.   And that’s where mindfulness comes into play.  Sometimes, you’ve just got to ride the wave of life and unexpected curveballs and know that it won’t last forever.  Nothing ever does and it is the impermanence of everything that helped me through the first month of 2019, as my routine was turned upside down as a crazy new routine now chomps into my previously delicious uninterrupted study time.  Yeah, selfish I know.  But it is so frustrating being in a stream of consciousness and having your phone reminder derail your train of thought, sometimes for the rest of the day.

So I thought it was high time I had a purposeless playdate kind of day and bimbled around Leamington Spa, where I chilled out with some amazing mint tea and engaged in happy chatter with friends.  After a couple of playdates with uplifting friends,  feeling utterly grateful for my life as it is,  I am now ready and determined to tackle the rest of this term with a big fat smile on my face!  Sometimes getting out of the mundane routine is a powerful step.  A change is as good as a holiday and all that jazz! 

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