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Happy Valentine’s day

Happy Valentine’s day. I hope you are well and have been enjoying your pancakes.

Last week I said goodbye to my stepdad as he has moved back to Australia to study at university and keep his stepdad company, unfortunately due to the weather he has already had to spend the weekend fishing, but I am sure he will get on with his studies soon.

Last week I attended the ambassador training for CLL. I really enjoyed going to all of the events and talking to people about the curses CLL offer last year and am glad I have the opportunity to take part again this year. It was nice meeting the new ambassadors and members of staff and seeing everyone else again.

Over the last couple of weeks there has been an increase in work load with a lot of work due in just after half term. This can be overwhelming at times but by prioritising the assignments by deadline and setting my own deadlines for each I am able to concentrate on one at a time and not be so overwhelmed. Talking to tutors and class mates also helps as they know how you feel and can offer help and tips to make the prosses easier.

My digital mentoring over the last couple of weeks has mostly been dominated by how to layout a questionnaire in Word. For my questionnaire I chose to use Excel as I found it easier to set out my tick boxes, but for Word (after some experimentation/googling) we chose to use tables as this enabled us to line up our tick boxes more neatly (tips on how to layout a questionnaire are more than welcome, especially if there is a magic button that I have not found yet).

For those that are off next week I hope you have a nice break and don’t have too much work to do.

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