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Happy New Year

Hello everybody I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a happy new year to you. Unfortunately, we were all ill over Christmas however, we still managed to have a good time and by the end of day 3 my son got the idea of opening his own presents.

I am currently writing the introduction and presentation of my report for Health and Social Policy, which is due in the week after we go back. I am hoping to have this and some other work finished before I start back next Tuesday but I am struggling to find the time and feel guilty asking my sons Great Nan to have him during the holidays as she has him during term time. I have found time management difficult especially with having a 2-year-old and my husband working full time. However, a lecturer suggested I make a timetable including everything I needed to do that week and then I could see how much time I had spare each day to factor in my work. I pinned the plan to the wall so my husband could see when I would be working. I did not stick to it rigidly as things, such as having to pick my son up early because he was not feeling well, happen but I was able to adapt the plan through the week and I ended up finishing my work early.

Now some of you might laugh at me for not finding this earlier, but just before Christmas a class mate asked me how to use the referencing tool in word. I had never noticed it before so looked into it and discovered I have been wasting a lot of time writing out my reference page and going through my work checking I had not missed any references. I still need to have a play with it to see if it is easy enough to reference journals and other sources like that, but it does seem to be a real time saver. If anyone would like to be shown how to use the referencing tool, then you can contact myself or Jim Judges through CLL to arrange a digital mentoring session.

I hope you have found my first blog useful and I plane to wright my next one in a couple of weeks with the aim of including some more tips to help with student life.

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