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Happy New Year

Welcome to 2020!

January. I remember this month like it was yesterday. I remember waiting on my UCAS offers, I remember stressing out about coursework, I remember freaking out about exams. It was such a scary month because I think it was the first time it finally dawned on me that year 13 was coming to an end and I had to stop procrastinating. 

If you are anything like I was, I know things are starting to feel scary. I know that the pressure is starting to settle in but I want you to understand that there is nothing worse you could do right now than stress yourself out. I’ve been there and done it, stressing out is a one way ticket to burning out. What I suggest you do is plan your time. I made a basic plan of each week, what topics I wanted to cover and went about it that way. I also did IB so not everyone has to start thinking ab out exams so early but I know for me and the subjects I took, I had to change from the way I was at the beginning of year 13 and the end. 

I think it’s important, in this period of time to focus on each day as it comes. It’s new year, and should also be the start of a new you- or maybe just an edited you. I want nothing but the best for everyone this new year and with that comes reaching your goals. I want you all to understand that this year will be hard. I guarantee you, you will cry, you will have bags under your eyes heavier than the Law textbooks BUT it will all be worth it. 

The biggest mistake you could make right now is think that you don’t have any time and all you should do is just revise. Do things you enjoy. I, unfortunately did not have the liberty of spending time on a lot of my hobbies simply because I am a master procrastinator and Instagram stole my life but don’t make the same mistakes I did. Because despite the pressure and everything else going on, I can honestly say year 13 was the best year of my life. The time  I spent and memories I made with my friends and teachers are actually unmatched so don’t neglect those elements. It makes everyday more fun and makes the end of the journey so much more satisfying. 

I hope you all have a productive and amazing year! Try and enjoy it as much as possible and if you’re up for it – drop a comment below and let me know what your goals are for this year 


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