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Happy Holidays: How do you fill your time?

Hello everyone! Well done you’ve all survived term one and the last assignments have been handed in. I’m currently back at home with 8 inches of snow on the ground stopping me from venturing out of the mile radius of easily accessible shops. So, with all of this time without being able to drive anywhere, how do you fill it? I have started the pile of books (not degree related) that I have been meaning to read all throughout term. I forgot just how easy it is to become lost in a beautifully worded story.

Degree related work I’ve limited to condensing my lectures into notes and catching up on the handful I have missed. I am very lucky that my degree doesn’t have any January exams so I can use the holidays just get up to date on my course. However, if you do have January exams I would start chipping away at revision now to ease revision in the couple of weeks leading up to exam yourself. It will help to provide a foundation for intense revision; that way you aren’t learning totally from scratch.

Enough about exams and university the main point of the holidays is to relax. The university has had a huge push this year on mental health and I have seen first-hand the stress levels in my cohort. Stress levels are increasing and sleep levels are decreasing. The holidays are the perfect time to relax, sleep as much as you need to and most of all recover. University is stressful and an intense 10 weeks so, taking the time to relax will really help to ensure you don’t burn out.

I spend a lot of my holidays with family and friends. I take the opportunity to visit all of my relatives who usually can’t wait to ask me about everything that has happened at university. I spend time with my home friends when they themselves return; this usually consists of going for drinks and catching up about everything that has developed in their lives. I use my free time to go to the cinema, go for walks around the lakes and a lot is reading. I do try and keep up to date on develops in biomedical science as this will save research when it comes to exams but the majority that I read is fiction.

Have a good Christmas, relax and I’ll see you next term!

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