Halloween and bonfire night and all thing spooky, like handing in the first assignment this year! – OurWarwick

Halloween and bonfire night and all thing spooky, like handing in the first assignment this year!

Happy Halloween!! Hope you don’t get too scared tonight with all the trick or treaters out there. Then it is fireworks on Saturday. We will have a bonfire on the allotment, getting rid of some of the old growth and making way for what is to come next year. We shall check for any hedgehogs and other small animals that may think the bottom of the bonfire is a good place to settle down for the winter season.

It has been a busy term so far, with Open Days and Digital mentoring. The first formative assignment is due in next week and some concentrated effort is needed for the beginings of the dreaded dissertation. It is exciting times and I am looking forward to this, my final year as an undergraduate, all things being well. Work as a CLL Ambassador is quieter just now but there are plans for some training days later this term for new ambassadors. If you are interested please get in touch for an email chat. You can contact me through this page.

It was strange this morning on campus, the first year 2+2 students are at university for an induction and one person came up to me for directions saying that they felt they knew me as they had seen the vlogs I have filmed. I try to forget about these after they are done. I am glad however that new students watch them and then feel that they know someone. It can be a daunting place when you first come, especially if you are on your own.

I notice the Christmas adverts are gaining pace on the television and shopping events being advertised at local stores. Hopefully the NUS card will come in useful, though it still seems too early. Experience tells me that I will wake up soon and it will be 23rd December and I really should organise some dinner and presents for the day itself!!

I will put some seasonal recipes up over the next few blogs, promise.

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