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Halfway through…

So… a few days ago, one of my housemates realised that this week, we’re all exactly halfway through our degrees!

*gasps in shock*

Once I got past this initial shock and disbelief (as it certainly does not feel that long) I thought this would be a good time to reflect on my university life so far.


When I thought back on what I’ve learnt and what I’m excited to learn in the next year and a half, I realised that my university experience has been completely different from what I imagined.


Having not studied psychology before university, there were a few gaps in my knowledge about how such a large range of topics could all link to one subject and whilst I’ve loved biology and was eager to learn how that could link to the mind and human behaviour, I honestly didn’t expect to enjoy some other modules as much as I did.


In my first and second year, I’ve found developmental psychology incredibly interesting, especially because despite being acknowledged as a very important area of research by psychologists, the topic is very difficult to research and replicate due to the extra complications of testing toddlers and infants. I’ve had a few jobs working with children and so to learn at deeper level how their biology and behaviour can be inextricably linked is incredibly interesting.


Another module that I surprisingly found myself enjoying was Perception, Planning and Action. An optional module for 2 years that is informally described as one of the (if not the) hardest modules in the entire course.

It combines a mix of biology and physics and looks at how visual disorders arise and the severe effects they can have on lifestyle.


Aside from the academic side of uni, I’ve also found myself embracing completely new activities and events. Whilst I’m not a shy person by any stretch of the imagination, I definitely used to stay in my comfort zone and uni has given me the opportunity to take risks and be a lot more spontaneous. Whether it’s watching Eurovision on the piazza with hundreds of other people (which is a lot more fun than it sounds!) or going to the weekly pub quiz and movie marathons at the student cinema.


So, as I enter this next half of university, I’m going to make sure I continue to make the most of my time here, as I know it’ll fly by, and also use everything I’ve learnt so far to prepare me for the stage after Warwick!

Simran x

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