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Halal food on campus

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Hello! I hope you have wonderful day wherever you are. Let’s talk about food, shall we? 🙂

Well, while this post is going to be most useful for those Muslim friends, the food I am about to mention in this post will most likely suit many of you, whether you have preference for halal criteria or not. They are delicious! So, make sure to try them all!

Alright, let’s begin the talk!

Coming from a country where Muslim community is the largest in the country, where almost every food there is halal labelled, I had some worries before coming to the UK. Will I be able to find tasty food easily during my busy days on campus? Do I need to cook and bring my lunch to campus every single day? Well, turned out the answer is a NO. I was surprised to know that halal food are available around the campus and they taste good! Let me share with you, so you do not need to have the worries I used to have.

  1. Rootes Grocery Store

I put Rootes at number one simply because it is located in the main campus and is very centered. It is within close range from a number of places: the main library, PG Hub, FAB (Faculty of Arts Building), the bus interchange, and some departments. Plus, it surprisingly has several halal food choices, catering both vegan and non-vegan members of the campus. If you go to the chilled section, you can find some Indian food with halal label on it. Fried rice, chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, daal, biryani rice and many others. The packaging is microwavable, so it is quite convenient.

Then, if you go to the sandwich and wrap sections, you can also find a number of halal options there. My favorite is Cajun Chicken sandwich and Chicken Tikka wrap! But, I like the others, too. Last, to my surprise, the store even has a halal burger! Freshly made and hot! It is called Double Cheese and Chicken burger. It tastes amazing, but quite hard to find. Quite quickly sold out. In the hot food section, they also have rice and chicken menu. Freshly prepared in a box to take a way.

  1. Blue tent at WMG

I tried eating there during my first term when I had a seminar for a module every week at one of WMG buildings. I forgot what the food stall is called, but it is located next to Red Rocket van, a van in between 2 WMG buildings by the lake that serves hot snacks and drinks. The blue tent I am referring to serves different kinds of Indian food, freshly prepared, cooked, and served on the day. It is quite cheap for the size of the portions that you will get, but the line can be quite long. I think it is quite popular among many people at Warwick. I recommend eating by the lake during fall to have the best view of the orange and red colored leaves and the calm lake with some ducks swimming there.

  1. Warwick Wednesday Market

Every Wednesday, from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, you can find different kinds of food and drinks from the food stalls installed at the Piazza in the central campus. Hungry people come quite early to line up for their food choice. One of the stalls offers Indonesian food which are all halal. You can try rendang which used to be considered number one most delicious food around the world and many other food specialty of Indonesia which can be hard to get anywhere else near the campus area or even around Coventry. Make sure you get there early as the Indonesian food lovers line can be one of the longest in the festival. Simple reason is, they taste amazing! (and not spicy, in case you cannot handle Indonesian level of spiciness) 😀

  1. Asian Street Food Cannon Park

This is a permanently installed food truck at Cannon Park Shopping Centre area. It is located near the car park and next to the jacket potato truck. It is run by a Malaysian family. While the food truck is not necessarily on campus, it is easy to reach from the main campus. If you shop regularly at Tesco or Iceland at the Cannon Park, you can come by the food truck to either eat there or take away your food and eat at home. I have not tried their food yet, but some of my colleagues have and they said the food taste good. Plus point is, they are very affordable (or should I say cheap, instead?) Haha! Yes, from what I heard, they are quite cheap. So, do not hesitate to get your lunch there! I will, too, anytime soon!

Okay! Writing this post definitely made my hunger uncontrollable. I am craving for one of those food now.

That being said, I do not think you should worry about not getting halal food for your lunch if you happen to have no time for cooking your lunch and bring it to campus during your busy days. You have plenty choices on and around campus. Those food are quite filling and most importantly, they taste good!

Let me know if you have other halal food recommendation on and around campus.

Until I see you next time! Bye!

Anything! About baking, cooking, lifestyle, music, travel, Indonesia, English teaching,…
Find out more about me Contact Irene

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