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Guides, Scouts and Volunteering

Every person’s University experience is different. There’s so much to do and nowhere near enough time to do it all.

Something that has, and will continue to, guide my experience is Scouting and Guiding.


I’ve been in Girlguiding since the age of 4 and recently joined Scouts as well. What this involves is volunteering for a couple of hours a week with a Guide unit and a Scout unit respectively at their meetings.

Meetings can be anything from playing games to learning a new skill and are usually guided by what the leaders and the young people want to do. I’ve found that Guide and Scout meetings are great places to volunteer as they’re fun and you can really make a difference to the lives and experiences of young people in the local community.

Guides and Scouts provides a variety of opportunities, not just for the young people you work with, but for you yourself. Through Guides, I’ve developed leadership skills, independence and had amazing opportunities.

Some of the great opportunities I’ve had include going to Namibia and Switzerland, working in a group to create a communication hub (primarily a blog but still a work in progress) and, most recently, going to the World Scout Jamboree.

The World Scout Jamboree is a camp run every 4 years for Scouts and Guides from across the world. The one this summer was in West Virginia, USA and I was there with 45,000 other people from over 150 different countries. It was an amazing experience where I learnt about lots of different cultures and how to work in a multi-cultural group.

But these big opportunities are not what keep me going back week after week. No. What keeps me involved between the big trips and events is the fun I have at unit meetings, whether seeing the young people overcome a personal challenge, work in a team for some interesting results, or just have fun playing a simple game.



Volunteering has been a great break from the stress of University life and I would highly recommend doing some whilst at Warwick. There’s sure to be an opportunity out there that sparks your interest as much as Guides and Scouts sparks mine.

  • A Holloway

    How easy is it to help in a unit in first year when you live on campus?


    • Ruth Slaney Computer Science

      Hi, it’s quite easy. The hardest part is finding a unit in the first place but I believe both organisations will have stands at the volunteering fair and I’m happy to help in any way. Transport from campus is pretty good so I’ve not had any problems there.


  • John Maxwell

    Great Blog Ruth! Both the Guides and Scouts will have stalls at the Volunteering Fair as well as 50+ other projects and local organisations and a wide range of different volunteering opportunities. The fair will be on Fri 4th October 10am-3.30pm in the Panorama Suite, Roots building.


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