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Guide to getting through Freshers’ week

This will be my last Our Warwick blog. Therefore, I have decided to impart some wisdom to incoming freshers.

1)     Foremost, you do not have to drink.

Drinking seems incredibly ingrained into University culture. For some, it feels as if drinking is the only way to socialise and make friends. Therefore, many students feel very pressured into drinking. However, drinking is not a necessity and you shouldn’t if you feel uncomfortable. One of the key ways that I bonded with my flat mates were through pizza parties. We bought and baked pizzas from Iceland and sat around the table talking.


2)     Find Tesco’s.

It may be tempting to live off take away for freshers’ week or buy food for Rootes Grocery store. However, Tesco, is a lot cheaper and you do not want to spend your entire student finance loan in a week. Just use google maps or ask someone who looks like they know where they were going.


3)     If you are living in halls, do not buy a bus passThe great thing about living on a campus University, is that everything is very close by. You can roll out of bed twenty minutes before a lecture and still make it on time (albeit not looking your best). In less than an hour – if you are a quick shopper – you can go and return from the local Tesco. If you want to take away, then there are many places on campus and others in walking distance. Therefore, are a lot of people who do not leave campus during their first year at University. You may go to Coventry or Leamington, however if you do not go too often, buying day passes is less cost effective. If you are working in Coventry or Leamington, then you should consider buying a bus pass.


4)     Make sure that you take safety precautions.

It is completely fine to live on the wild side whilst you are at University. However, it is important that you stay safe as well. Therefore, try to plan out your activities, any issues that may occur and how you can deal with the issues. For instance, if you are going to go out drinking and return very late, then it may be wise to have a personal alarm with you. Additionally, make sure that you have enough money for a taxi just in case the buses are not running. If you are going to get off with a stranger, then make sure that you have protection. You do not need to plan everything to the last detail. However, it is important to keep yourself safe.


Have a fun and exciting freshers’ weeks all, and hope that you enjoy University. 

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