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Group Trip to Amsterdam

So I thought I’d use my first blog of the new year to talk about Christmas and the holidays in general. We finished uni on the Friday and Saturday our house flew to Amsterdam from Birmingham International.

At the Airport

After a short train journey and rambling around trying to find our location we came across St Christopher’s Inn! What a great place to stay. We were directly in the centre of Amsterdam with everything around us. The actual hostel was fantastic because we had a full dormitory to ourselves. Normally we would have stayed in a dorm with a lot of strangers – being together gave us a sense of security and somewhere to meet up when we split into groups to do different day activities. The hostel was also a rock hostel so downstairs was a sports bar with a live band on in a room. Although slightly more expensive than other alternatives it gave us a great location and fantastic facilities.

View at Night

Amsterdam itself is incredibly beautiful as I hope you can see from the wide range of pictures although I have never seen so many rivers!!! The first night we spent just getting to know the area and stayed relatively close but as we grew more accustom to the area we explored further. We went to some fantastic places, one being a Dutch bar where my friend asked do you have “Anything other than Heineken” to which the barmaid replied “Heineken.”

Can you tell it was Christmas?

Amsterdam has a great cultural history including from a financial background. Amsterdam was home to the first stock exchange and had the first commodities bubble that was around (believe-it-or-not) tulips; where a single tulip future could be 5 or 6 times a labourer’s wage. It’s also got a much more recent history with sad stories such as Anne Frank or the home of Van Gogh. Both of the museums dedicated to the mentioned were fascinating and as someone who didn’t read the last 10 pages of Anne Frank as her condition deteriorated it grew more obvious what would happen. I don’t want to spoil their stories, I recommend going and checking it out!

I would definitely recommend the trip to anyone especially as a great way to cement friendships at uni. We are now going again next Christmas and have decided to make it a yearly trip!

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