Whether you’ve grown up with the environment in mind or are looking to make a couple of changes, I’m delighted that you’re reading this with the hopes of getting green. I want to dive right in so without further ado, here are my tips which you can very easily implement into your everyday life. 


1.     Turn off lights. That’s a no brainer, don’t be silly. Especially the hall lights when going to bed!

2.     Recycle! Use the green bins provided to recycle everything you can. Follow the guidance on the lids if you’re unsure 

3.     Reduce waste. Food, packaging; anything you can!

4.     Put on an extra layer instead of turning up the radiator

5.     Go plastic free – in any way possible. Perhaps buy loose veg as that’ll save your money and the world

6.     Collect plastic bags and drop them off at supermarkets. They can recycle them for you

7.     Bring your own bags shopping. A use for all those canvas bags you got given in freshers week!

8.     Try to cook from scratch. Avoids unnecessary packaging, is healthier and you get to practice your skills

9.     Drink loose leaf tea. Did you know teabags are lined with plastic? Loose leaf tea works out cheaper, is superior in quality (teabags are ~50% dust, see online) and good for the environment. I adore my manatee diffuser <3

10.  Use recycled paper and loo roll etc

11.  Use public transport or lift share. This not only reduces carbon emissions but also saves money and petrol (and reduces insurance costs)

12.  Stop ordering online. Think of the miles and emissions, especially when ordering poor quality, sweat shop goods from halfway across the world

13.  Utilise charity shops. Fast fashion is awful. Check online if you don’t believe me. 

14.  Turn off the taps, whether that be when you wash up or brush your teeth. Remember the One Direction scandal because they left the tap running whilst the boys brushed their teeth?!

15.  Have showers instead of baths. Why are you even having a bath at uni. anyway???

16.  Use soap bars, shampoo bars and conditioner bars. Works out cheaper as well as better for the environment

17.  Use bamboo toothbrushes. Softer bristles, more advanced, cheaper when you buy more than 1 (I got a pack of 12 for ~£8 which is crazy cheap)

18.  Drop off empty toothpaste tubes at the dentist to recycle

19.  Avoid disposable razors. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade. *angry face*

20.  Ladies: use menstrual cups. I have one and once you pop it in right, it works fabulously. Plus, you’ll save loads of money!

21.  Use Tupperware and paper or wax wraps instead of cling film and tin foil. Cling film is just a sheet of plastic. Totally unnecessary, I haven’t used it for years. 

22.  Avoid receipts. They cannot be recycled, so sad!

23.  Bic pens and empty makeup tubes can be recycled with Terracycle. Check the internet for more information

24.  Turn off your electronics at night so you don’t have to constantly charge them. You’ll get a better night’s sleep too J

25.  For those truly committed: if it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down

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