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Graduation – a milestone I did not think I’d be able to mark. Over my degree period, I got to know so many new people with amazing personalities and I grew massively in confidence. Studying at Warwick was a privilege for me as I did not make it with ease. I was persistent about only attending Warwick, that I did not even consider any other universities. Here I am now officially having graduated from this amazing institution with a worldwide ranking of 54th and within the top ten in the UK.

I wish to thank my family for making this possible. They helped and supported me through every step. I wish to also thank my friends at university, that have helped me out with revision, and beyond. I know some of you couldn’t make it on this day unfortunately, but this doesn’t change how much I appreciated your support throughout.

For anyone that is considering university, I would definitely recommend it. You learn invaluable interpersonal skills and the years you spend at university shapes you as a person. With the degree itself, yes there were breakdowns, and yes there were tears and stress, however at the end of it, I must say that there were no regrets and I really am proud of having completed university now. 

Now off to starting my theoretical and computational chemistry PG journey with the Maurer Group starting in September.

Here are some pictures that I wanted to share with all of you:

This is my beautiful family. 

A picture taken by my best friend that came to see my congregation from Loughborough University. 

My best friend

If anyone has any questions about life at Warwick, get in touch. 


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