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Grades and getting real!

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As graduation day looms ever closer, the real stress has begun: finding out my grades for final year and for my whole degree. But hopefully this post will be a refreshing read in the wave of “#firstclassgirl” posts being plastered all over Instagram.

On June 21st I found out my results for my overall degree, my final year and each of my exam results and it’s safe to say there was a mixture of emotions! I had worked out pretty much what degree classification to expect so I didn’t have any particular feelings towards this. But after a rough second year, I was most proud of how my hard work had paid off in my exams and my final year grade. It’s always a massive relief to know that every second being a hermit in my room blinded by the light of my laptop was worth it.

Telling my parents was a joy and they were so proud of how hard I’d worked and how well it had turned out for me. But one thing I did notice instantly was how most people are only bothered by your final degree grade, never mind all the other hard work that went into the entire 4 years at university. My group chats and messages were bombarded with “what did you get?” messages and suddenly I felt that my grades weren’t enough. One thing I’ve found at university more than anywhere else is that you’re always in competition with those on your course (especially on a small course like mine) and this became so evident on results day. I was so over the moon with how I’d performed in my final year but nobody wanted to hear about all of that!

It was a difficult few days but after a much needed mum-lecture I realised that university is much more than a number on a piece of paper and this is something I think everyone forgets at this time of year. Sure, I’m super proud of how my grades went this year, but university has offered me way more than just a degree certificate. 4 years at Warwick gave me friendships that I know will last a lifetime, the chance to learn things I would’ve never had the opportunity to learn in my small home-town, and finally the opportunity to live in a different continent for a year. These things are so valuable and so rare to come across and university handed all of them to me. Without them I know I’d be a worse version of myself and to me that’s WAY more important than 2.1’s or 2.2’s (both great grades by the way!). 

So long post short, let’s get real: please remember no matter what stage you’re at in university, your grades don’t define you! Be happy with how hard you’re working, be happy with how well your hard work is paying off, and be happy with everything else university is giving you. Grades are important but nowhere near as important as your happiness! 


Bethany Goodman | Language, Culture, and Communication Contact Bethany

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