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Grad Charts 2022: My favourite modules of all time!

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Outside of university, I enjoy writing blogs and sharing advice…
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I am a 2001 baby, so I am not necessarily a 90’s child but I do have fond memories of using a Nokia, listening to the radio often and playing the DSI📻. All of which came before the overconsumption of Iphones, YouTube and tablets🤳🏽. Anyways, I say this to provide some context before I ask my big question:

Does anyone remember watching Pop Charts on the TV guide?👀

Remember…it was when television stations like KissFM and MTV would rank the top albums and artists of that week. I don’t know about you, but I lived for the countdowns! For anyone who can’t relate, you had to be there – epic times.

Anyways, in commemoration to the good ol’days, I introduce to you…Grad Charts 2022, where I rank my favourite undergraduate modules OF ALL TIME 🥳! Let’s get into it, shall we.

Ok, so in total, I have completed 22 modules during my Psychology with Education studies degree. Since my rankings will only consist of 5 modules, I won’t be able to include them all.

So let me briefly disclose some modules that did NOT make my rankings:

  • Statistical methods in Psychology
  • Further methods in Psychology
  • Language and cognition

What do these 3 modules have in common aside from being the ‘bane of my existence’? 🥲 (If you get the reference, good on ya, and if you don’t, Google it!). Well, they are quite mathematical and logistical➗. For someone who potentially has undiagnosed dyscalculia, I struggled with these modules. But fortunately for me, these modules included a lot of workshops and group work. This gave me the support that I needed from staff and peers, which was extremely helpful🫶🏽. If you’re a numbers fanatic, you will love it 🤩!

Ok, moving on!

Coming in 5th place, we have…🥁

5) The Developing Child in School Context – This module was valuable in introducing me to different disorders and experiences that young people to face in school contexts.

4) Social Psychology – This module was extremely relevant to the many social phenomena that we experience in day-to-day life, so learning about the theoretical causes was eye-opening.

3) Masculinities and fatherhood – This module discussed the intersectionality surrounding fatherhood in several contexts. It exposed me to new ideas and debates. The seminars were very engaging and almost therapeutic!

2) Placement, Outreach and Engagement – This module gave me the opportunity to complete a placement with an organisation that has similar ideals and values to myself. It was a wonderful and insightful experience.

Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

My number one, favourite module of all time is…


1) Education and Social Justice 🥇 – This module was extremely creative in how different mediums were used as seminar prep, post seminar consolidation and seminar format. It was very discussion and case scenario orientated, and so, I enjoyed learning from my peers. This module was incredibly eye opening to the social inequalities that people experience. On top of this, the assessment was unique and challenged me in the best way.

Welp, that’s all from me folks.

But I would like to finish off with this: Even though I only ranked my top 5 modules, every single module that I have taken has been valuable to me. Including the mathematical modules. Why? Because I am confident that I will be graduating as a well-rounded individual, who knows a lot about a whole lot.

Thank you to my lecturers for making this experience engaging and for supporting me along the way. I know it was not easy to do during a pandemic, but I wouldn’t change a thing (except for the things I’ve written in my anonymous module feedback forms! 😂).

If you are a student reading this and you have questions about the modules I have mentioned, feel free to reach out. Otherwise, let me know what your favourite module has been in the comments!👇🏽

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
Outside of university, I enjoy writing blogs and sharing advice…
Find out more about me Contact Rowchell

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