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Goodbye & Thank You Warwick!

Doyin Adekunle | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Contact Doyin

Hi guys,

Welcome to my last blog post! So, my time as a Warwick student officially ended a few days ago when I had my graduation ceremony. It was truly wonderful seeing myself, friends and course mates all dressed up in our cap and gowns after three years of hard work and perseverance; and I’m elated to say that I graduated with first-class honours and so did a number of my friends! The day naturally had me feeling nostalgic about my time at Warwick, so I’ve decided to use this last blog post to reminisce about some of the things I’ve loved most in my Warwick experience. Enjoy!

Philosophy in Practice – This was one of my two optional modules in first year and it was great. Apart from being taught by a truly amazing lecturer, the topics within the course (e.g. torture, abortion, poverty) provided my first opportunity to discuss pressing issues in an academic context and also discipline myself to critically reflect on and assess my own arguments as well as those of others. I’ve enjoyed philosophy all throughout my time at Warwick and it was hard to pin down just one module as my favourite, but I chose this one because I know that it’s what made me fall in love with philosophy (having never studied the subject before university) and I’ll always remember it fondly because of this.

African Politics in Comparative Perspective – This module was AWESOME. As someone who came to Warwick with a passion for Africa’s social and economic development, studying this module was definitely the highlight of my academic experience. Starting from pre-colonial African societies and ending with key political events of the 1990s, in the space of 6 months we learned so much about the peoples and complex workings of the different countries in the African continent. This module was a very big eye-opener for me and the knowledge it imparted was simply invaluable.

Although I’ve spent a lot of my time at Warwick laughing and having a great time, I think my favourite memory has to be the ACS (African & Caribbean Society) All-Black Party in Term 2 of first year. This is where (what became) my main friendship group at Warwick was formed; the music at the party really wasn’t that great, but 4 girls and I danced, laughed and had so much fun that night that I knew there were more awesome nights (and days) with them to come – and I was right!

So, those have been some of my ‘favourites’ during my time at university. For those of you who are wondering what my next steps are post-Warwick, my plans for the future include:

  • Completing a research internship this summer with a consulting firm which specialises in helping UK SMEs penetrate African markets – I’m going to be conducting some research for them on the motorbikes and safe moto transport industries in Uganda and Rwanda;
  • Using this summer to apply for 2019 graduate schemes and jobs; and
  • Going to Malawi in October for 2 and half months to teach about sexual and reproductive health in a secondary school, and also work on raising HIV/AIDS awareness within the local community.

I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog for the last year and sharing my Warwick experience with you all, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and found it useful. If you’re a pre-university student or current university student, I sincerely wish you the best of luck with your degree! The personal growth and development I’ve gained from my three years at university are something I wouldn’t change for the world, and I hope your degree (whatever it is and wherever you study it) offers you nothing less than a truly life-changing experience.

Goodbye Warwick (and readers), it’s been an absolute pleasure!

– Doyin

Graduation 2018

Doyin Adekunle | Philosophy, Politics and Economics Contact Doyin

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