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Goodbye OurWarwick :( & Next Steps!

Aimee Cheung | Psychology with Education Studies Contact Aimee

This is a strange goodbye because whilst I’m saying Goodbye to the OurWarwick platform, I’m not saying goodbye to Warwick yet. I can now officially confirm that I will be staying in the psychology department for another year to complete an MSc in Psychological Research.

Starting university 3 years ago, never did I think that I would aim towards a Psychology-related career. I chose to study Psychology as I knew that it would open me up to a whole field of potential options. If I couldn’t find a plan A, plan B was to complete a PGCE (hence the minor in Education Studies). Whilst it will still be an option in the future, it never felt completely right.

I have to thank anyone who has taught or supervised me over my undergraduate for igniting this light that didn’t exist just a few years ago and for teaching me what Psychology is really about. Seeing them so dedicated to educating us about their specialised areas has been so motivating. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I can’t imagine going into anything else.

However, I know that there will be times that will really test me and my values. They’ve taught me about the downsides of the field, namely the lack of appreciation for researchers in Psychology and how undervalued the discipline is. They’ve taught me about the rough challenges as well as the positives of being a researcher in academia. I really hope that one day I’ll be able to see some progression in the field in terms of accessibility, diversity, and appreciation

I’m terrified but I’m willing to give it a go. I know that I will be well-supported here which was why I decided to stay and take the risk. As nervous as I am, I’m also excited to work with my new supervisors and delve more into the fascinating world of language development and learning more about the impacts of inclusivity and accessibility.

So, as I head into this new beginning, I want to say thank you to the Education Studies Department. Although I’m not staying on with you . Special shout out to Dr. Mark Pulsford, Director of Undergrad Studies, for being amazing at keeping up well-updated over these very unstable times and for teaching one of my favourite modules!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to know many of my classmates until online learning came into place. Even though I probably didn’t speak to you in person it was so lovely getting to know you eventually! Most of all thank you so much for your support with blogging and for allowing me to be as honest as I have. You’re all amazing and I hope that there are big things in store for you next.

To Laura and Sarah, thank you for this opportunity. I’ve had fun writing for you. Blogging deadlines are the only deadlines I don’t mind as a constant reminder to make time for activities unrelated to uni work! I’m going to miss your super friendly emails full of smiley faces 😊.

To my two tutors, Michelle and Adrian, thank you for pushing me to keep going and for believing in my ability to do well even despite the downfalls.

Psychology – Sorry, you’re not getting rid of me yet 😂. I’ll see you again in a few weeks!

I will be continuing blogging with the plan to post weekly entries about my Master’s so if you’re interested you can visit my personal blog over at

Finalists – You’ve got this! You can do it!

To all the freshers joining – Welcome to Warwick. Make the most out of these next few years. They will fly by. Of course, study hard, but explore new opportunities and have fun just as hard.

All the best to all of you and fingers crossed for a smoother year.

Aimz 😊 (virtual hugs using my favourite GIF)

Aimee Cheung | Psychology with Education Studies Contact Aimee

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