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Going to an open day

For those of you that are in Year 12 or Year 13, I want to stress to you how important it is to go on an open day before you start university. There are many questions you are able to ask people when you are there in person. Also, you’ll get a better idea of what type of university to go to once you’ve seen it. I was helping around with the campus tours today and thought I’d share my views. 

1. Choosing between city and campus-based universities – When I was in Year 12, I took my parents to all the open days possible. I went to visit Keele, Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham and Warwick. After seeing Leeds, I realised I do not like seeing that much concrete all around me and the city was a little too busy for my own liking. Keele, Nottingham, Birmingham and Warwick were very similar in the sense that they were all a bit towards the outskirts, but Warwick particularly appealed to me because of the mix between buildings and green grass and because of the transport links. 

2. Choosing the right accomodation – As a student you want the best option in terms of accomodation, which is what Warwick would be able to offer. They will allow you to choose between en en-suite, shared kitchens and shared bathrooms etc. There may also be off-campus university provided accommodation closer to the shops in Cannon Park. 

3. Choosing the right degree course – Warwick offers many great courses, where you may be able to even go abroad and study for a year instead. Warwick has great partnerships with universities elsewhere and I have had some of my friends go to Monash and Singapore. You may also be able to do a placement abroad instead for a year and still be able to study for your core modules whilst away. Something worth checking to see if your department offers this. 

4. You can learn new languages, new musical skills and contribute to Sports through our societies. We also have a language centre from which you can pick up language modules. 

5. Campus Tour – When you go to visit for an open day, you get a chance to explore the whole place – to look around the bus stops and transport services. You can get an idea of parking facilities if you know you will be driving. You can see the accommodation and the attractions that come with our Students Union such as our chemist, banks, eating services and the learning grid. 

6. Part time Work – You can get an idea of what studying whilst working would be like by speaking to current students. You can think about joining specific societies, writing for the Boar (our student newspaper) and taking other temporary assignments to work for a company known as Unitemps. 

I hope this has been insightful and for any of those that came to the open day today or are planning to come in the future, feel free to ask a question. We’d love to see more of you around soon! 


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