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Global education and international development application

While pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Language, Culture and Communication at the University of Warwick, I had the opportunity to work as a student blogger for Applied Linguistics Department, where I shared student experience with the university blogging community. I have since conversed with pupils from diverse backgrounds and heard about their educational experiences and expectations. Although significant progress has been made in worldwide development, particularly in reducing extreme poverty and improving global education and health systems according to InterAction research, educational inequality and gender discrimination are still pervasive in some developing regions. I began to consider the possibility of pursuing a career in Education teaching English language with the conviction that every child deserved equal access to a great education. In order to strengthen my abilities, I am keen to obtain the professional knowledge from the MA Education program at the University of Warwick.

The Department of Education Studies at Warwick University is one of the most dynamic departments of its kind in the world, providing great teaching personnel, cutting-edge academic resources, and a supportive atmosphere for students to flourish in this subject. This forward-thinking and open-minded university that promotes inclusivity would unquestionably be the right venue for the MA curriculum designed to mitigate the inequality problem in middle-income low-income countries. Regarding the curriculum, I am impressed with Warwick’s innovative educational philosophy, which emphasises the necessity of motivating students with cutting-edge research skills and knowledge generation. The MA in Education integrates education and international development from a global perspective, examining education-society relationships and fundamental educational research methods. I am confident that the opportunity to investigate the most recent developments in these issues in education within the context of the globalisation trend, to gain an understanding of the debates in international development, and the challenges posed by social immobility and political forces under the supervision of world-renowned experts in this field will enhance my professional competence in my chosen field. Consequently, I am eager to study the modules on Foundation Research Methods in Education, Understanding Global Education and International Development, and more elective modules to augment what I have acquired in my undergraduate studies.

During my undergraduate studies at Warwick University, I not only obtained linguistic expertise and a grasp of methodologies and challenges in language instruction, but I also learned applicable qualitative and quantitative research methods for education studies. I have taken the course Culture, Cognition, and Society, in which I studied empirically about the world’s diverse civilizations and political systems. My knowledge and research skills in social science would be highly relavent to the Education module of the MA programme, which investigates how cultural and social upheaval can threaten education and exacerbate inequality. In addition, the module Issues in TESOL helped me grasp the elements that facilitate and impede language learning. Students’ interest in and motivation to learn English were considerably increased as a result of the numerous important and engaging classroom discussions. The interactive environment was extremely motivating and sparked my interest in education. In addition, after reading Primary School English-Language Education in Asia, I have a comprehensive understanding of primary English education in Asia as a whole, as well as the absence of educational infrastructure in rural parts of developing Asian nations. With a sense of mission to advocate for equal education opportunities, I am enthusiastic to enrol in master’s studies to explore ideas and solutions for addressing these issues.

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